No Resin Tank Message

Hi All,

Issue This is for my brand new Form 2, just out of the box. I set up and checked many times, but my Form 2 is not sensing the resin tank. I get ‘no resin tank’ error messages both on the machine and preForm.

What I tried Following Formlabs support’s suggestion, I tried to improve the sensor contact by bending the spring fingers, no luck. The printer seems to work fine, though I have not been able to print the first print due to the error.

Question Do any of you had a similar issue and find a fix? Formlabs support asked me to send the printer back for repair, but I have complications: I took the printer for my oversea stay (Seoul), and now I am facing almost $1000 extra cost for shipping and tariffs to send/get back the machine. So I am looking for a way to fix the issue myself. Again, this is a brand new machine.

Disappointed to hear that your new machine is having a bit of trouble reading the tank. Have you been able to try a different tank to see if that’s reading successfully? Open Mode might be a viable option for printing without a recognized tank for a short time until it’s easier to make repairs.

Yes, I purchased another tank to make sure the problem is not the tank. The same error occurred. I updated the firmware to the latest also. I googled people with the similar issue but I didn’t see a definite resolution, especially a brand new machine like mine. I will investigate the open mode option. Thanks.

Looking at mine, it seems like they still might not be high enough to make contact.

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