Resin sensor error!

this is a brand new machine,since the first time I used,it show me resin sensor error.
I check everything about this problem,clean everywhere,upgrading firmware,move tank,the problem remains.
i think this machine has this problem when it comes out of the factory,

lol yeah I am having huge issues with this also right now. Nothing fixes it. It could either be a faulty tray chip, faulty firmware, or worse faulty printer.

Do you have a spare resin tank to test? Or better if you have a friend that has a Form 2 and everything working good you can try using your resin tank in their machine to see if you get this issue, just to rule out the resin tank.

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I had the same after a firmware update. They tried to solve it in the newer firmwares but that didn’t work for me. What did work was lowering the tank bracket with the four screws in the corners(the ones with a spring). This is not recommended by FL support(as it could alter levelling of the tank), but was the only solution for me.

That is a bit risky but I’m glad it worked for you. That platform is factory calibrated with a fancy plate and if the calibration gets thrown off, the printer usually needs to be sent in for repairs. I wouldn’t recommend it as an early troubleshooting step for users encountering Resin Sensor Errors but here’s to hoping it continues working for you.

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Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by checking some of the sensors and attempting to update the firmware. Our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot further with you and a member of our team will be reaching out over email.

Hi Frew,

Just out of curiosity: would this have an effect on the prints other than the risk of the tank not being level to the build plate? Laser dot size maybe?

I discussed this solution with support and they didn’t seem to have problems with it, but indeed didn’t recommend it as an early step.

I just unboxed my form2 and am having the exact same issues. Have cleaned the sensor with alcohol and reset the tank and resin cartridge several times all to no avail. If this is a common error, why is there not better documentation on how to address it? HELP.

I contacted the customer service staff, he gave me the answer is to return this printer and send a new, but I am not in the United States, so I have to pay at least 1200 dollars in postage and taxes. If you’re in America, you’re lucky, and I’m still wondering if this sensor error is worth 1200 dollars. I could be the unfortunately of all formlab users.

Manually fill the resin tank till the black line and try again. This usually works.

We’re actively working to expand our support pages and provide improved documentation for users. We do have a page on common printer errors which outlines some quick troubleshooting steps to attempt for Resin Sensor Errors. If those don’t seem to correct things for you, get in touch with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

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