'Resin Sensor Error' On second ever print :(

Hey all, I’ve already submitted a ticket for this, though I am impatient and feeling disheartened seeing as I am already getting this error and it’s only my second print :frowning:

First print came out great, no issues. I then updated the firmware to the latest (not sure this has anything to do with it) resin tray has leftover resin from the first print. I tried re-seating the tray to no avail.

Sensors (chip things?) on tray and printer look good. There has been no resin spill or anything, printer looks clean as I have literally used it once.

Did anyone else get this error early into printing? Wondering what else I could try?

Just read in this thread: Resin Tank Sensor Error

'SmilelignAug ‘16
The exact same thing happened to me just after a firmware update. I ended up sending the printer back :frowning:

I’m starting to regret updating the firmware now. Really hope I dont have to send this back :frowning:

I also read that if the tank is overfilled this can cause an error. How does this look? To me its just slightly below the maximum line on the left though maybe slightly over on the right?

Ok seem to have got it to work after another re-seating, seems to be printing now. I hadn’t touched the printer after the first print so I’m not even sure why this error would happen.

It’s strange that you didn’t get a response to this. I’m no expert but from that photo that is a normal quantity of resin in the tank. When dispensing from the cartridge automatically before a print it fills to that top line.

Can you check to see which version of the Firmware you’re running? Version 1.14.21 did have updates that mitigated the Resin Sensor Error some users were experiencing due to a manufacturing issue. If 1.14.21 seems to be producing the same issue, let me know so our team can look into it.

Hey Frew, it was the latest Firmware as I only updated a few days ago. I took out the tray, cleaned the sensor with tissue on the tray and printer and put it back in doing this a few times until it started to work again. What is odd is after the first successful print I hadn’t moved the tray in any way for something like this to go wrong. Seems fine now and I printed something the next day and still working good without the error.

I have been getting the same error plus resin cartridge missing error after i updated my firmware as well…

I’ve made sure to submit a report to our Software Team mentioning that some users are experiencing Resin Sensor Errors even after the update. It is possible that there is in fact something wrong with the sensor and our support team can help to troubleshoot this if you continue running into issue. @jamesk87 if you could get in touch with our team and include PreForm and Firmware versions, that would be a big help for us in troubleshooting this with you.

This is a replacement Form2 printer (the first was returned due to build platform issues). The printer worked great for the first two prints then it hiccuped (failed print) on a 55-hour print and now this “Resin Sensor Error” came up - and yes, I did not replace, move or do anything to the tank. The support team are very professional but, so I can use the printer, how has it been resolved? I have updated the firmware, changed tanks, cartridges, cleaned everything in sight…still nothing. School starts tomorrow and I still have a heap-load of things to print…HELP, Please?

Support team will send a replacement printer (refurbished or new) and at the same time print in “open mode” (from printer settings). This will at least help me get some prints (less than 100 ml) done.

I’m also having resin sense error. Tried all the regular checks. Contacting support now.

Arrg! So went to do another print just now. Same as before, haven’t touched the printer since the last print and getting this sensor error again! The only thing I did was take out the cartridge whilst not in use and put it back in again which shouldn’t make much difference. I really think this must be something to do with the new firmware :frowning:

Got it to work again by tugging the tray a little out, then wait for the printer to give me a no tray message then push the tray firmly back in. seems to be working now.

I got my Form 2 on Thursday, and it’s now Sunday. I printed there successful prints, 3.5hrs, 10.5hrs and 2.5 hours respectively. My first print gave me a “Resin Sensor Error”, but I was able to hit “Try Again”, and it went away. I was about 3 hours into the fourth print today when I received the resin sensor error. This time I was not able to get it to go away.

I checked to see if I was out of Resin, but I still have 1/3 a tank. I checked the tank and no debris, but I reset it just as the support article instructed. The resin tank was full, up to the line on the front of the tank.

I found this thread, so I checked firmware. My firmware was at 1.12.95, so I updated, reading that it fixed some sensing bugs. Rebooted, then my screen stopped responding. Power cycled, and things started to work again. But… resin sensor error. I went through all the usual, remove the tank and reseat, etc. Several, several times.

I noticed that my resin tank has plenty of resin in it. Wondering if it’s too full, if that’s possible? Either way, after a few more resets of the tank, I noticed that starting a new print did fill the tank, adding more resin. Good sign. It started to print, but on layer 1, ERROR. Not sure if it helps, but when the error pops up, it’s usually when the resin tank has moves all the way to the right, after the print bed has risen.

I’m at a loss. I’m going to try and remove some of the resin and just see if it being too full causes the sensing error. Not hopeful. REALLY don’t want to send it back.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issues after updating firmware to 1.14.21-154

Firmware 1.14.21 addressed hardware issues that were were contributing to an increase in the instances of Resin Sensor errors but there can be other causes as well. We want to make sure your new machine is working as you should expect and our support team is happy to help troubleshoot any issues with you. This form will get you in touch with our team.

Overfilled tanks or obscured sensors can likewise trigger the error and here’s to hoping this is an easy fix and we’re able to get you up and running again quickly.

An update on my status. I contacted support and they were able to guide me through cleaning the sensor panel behind the resin tray, and I was able to print one more model before getting the resin sensor error again.

I contacted support today and they were able to look at my back-end resin sense logs (Um…that’s cool) and determine there is a manufacturing defect with the resin sensor itself. Long story short, I’ll have to send it back because it’s a repair that can’t be done in the field. The good news, because this was a new printer, they are just shipping me a new one as a replacement and are paying for all the shipping.

Bummer that I have to wait to get printing again, but I’m impressed with the support and how they’ve handled things. Also happy to see we’ve gotten to the point where a lot of this can be done remotely by checking logs. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that I won’t have to fight anyone to get this sorted out.

I received my replacement printer today. So far, so good. I have to say the service was exactly what you would hope for, when paying this much money for something like this. I’m very impressed.

Had the same problem, I checked everything, level was good, new firmware. I cleaned the optic eye wich wasn’t dirty, reseated the tank, nothing worked. Canceled the print and started to check everything again. What was the problem… some resin spill at the back of the tank close to the optic eye :frowning: It was not my spill I always keep everything clean, I still don’t know how it got ther, I think it must be pushed over with the wiper. So if you have this problem, check the back of the tank.