Brand New 2nd printer still has Resin Sensor error and has no resin in it yet

Hello Everyone!
Looks like this brand new out of the package 2nd printer ( First one returned after a week of trying to get it work with Resin sensor errors. )
I just took this out of the package 5 mins ago. Set it up. Put a new resin in, new resin tank ( Brand New) and a build platform. Updated preform software and sent a test print to the printer. Low and behold the same exact error with NO resin even in the tank yet.
I am going to keep trying different things to get this to work but love some support form the community if they have advice. I have already filed a ticket.
Going to keep reseting the Brand new tank. But as often as I try it keeps sending back this error.

I had a similar error when my printer was brand new. I’m sure you have already tried this, but installing the resin tank at a slight angle fixed the issue for me (which was limited to just the original resin tank with the printer - I have not had this happen again with newer tanks). Basically, I installed the tank as usual, and once it was seated, I rotated it very slightly counter clockwise.

They are having me try something else first but need to go buy a 1.3mm Hex and let you all know whats up

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