Having printing issues on Form 2

Not sure why but I’m having printing issues on my Form 2 when there are large bases on the build plate.

I’m using AWL’s Black resin and when the Z axis tries to life, this is after the tray moves sideways, I get a “whooping” sound almost like an alarm on a Navy ship.

Thing is if the tray is moving left and right I would expect that the adhesion of the build has been broken. So it can only be the suction of the resin to the bottom of the tank that’s causing the machine not be be able to lift the build plate. I don’t want to damage the machine so I canceled the job. Interesting is it lifted the build plate with no issues then.

Any Ideas on this? Or, do I just have to use less surface? This has happened before apparently for the same reason.

third-party resins usually cure much faster than the Formlabs resins, so a part most likely would stick to the bottom of the tray more.

The issue is “vacuum” of the base to the tank. When I reduce the number of parts by about 1/3rd the issue goes away. I don’t have that problem with the Grey V3 from FormLabs. I have new resin on the way in that is suppose to be able to be run at the same settings as the FL Grey V3 so we’ll see if that solves the issue. It should be here tomorrow.

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