Form 3 not printing

Hi! So I received my form 3 about a week ago but had a trip and did not start using it until yesterday. So overall unpacking and setting up was easy enough, however when i finally decided to upload the first file and test print it nothing is there (nothing on the buildplate and no remnants on the resin tank). As far as I can see the LPU is moving correctly, and doing its passes, but still nothing.

So far i have seen a couple things I find weird but Since this is my first formlabs printer (i work with about 5 other resin printers) i do not know what is “normal” the first layer approach is cool, but the final move towards the resin is super fast, i think this is normal. I have tried 3 different files (including the butterfly clip) to make sure the problem was not a faulty STL.

I am at a loss, if there was bad adhesion but cured resin on the tank i would move to z adjust for better adhesion, if there was adhesion and the print failed mid way i could solve that too, but it is the lack of EVERYTHING that has me scared that I might have a faulty LPU that is just not working.

Anyway I would love to hear from ANYONE to see if they have any tips on how i might solve this.

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I currently do not own a Form 3 but I would recommend contacting support if you haven’t already. The build plate does move VERY fast after its prep stages from what I’ve seen in Formlabs own getting started videos. Though you should still be getting something. If nothing else some cured resin on the bottom of the tank. For sure let them know.

Hey there @Drakgul,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post. I’m so sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your new printer! That’s obviously not the first impression we want anyone to have.

As far as next steps go, I would absolutely echo what @Charmande suggested and get in touch with support immediately at the link below.

The more information we have about your specific situation, the quicker we can get it all taken care of for you.

Again, I want to apologize for the less than ideal experiences you’ve had thus far, but I’m confident we can sort it out together.

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