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First, I noticed resin on the top edge of the resin tray but wasn’t sure what caused it. Today I found out after starting a new print.
The Form 2 had just finished Layer 1 when it tried to slide the Resin Tray side to side before lifting. Lots of loud noise and then it stopped. I opened the hood and saw a good bit of resin on both ends of the Resin Tray lip and some down in the machine. Cleaned that and tried to get the Build Plate or the Resin Tray to move manually with no luck. So, I Canceled the job and the Form 2 had no problems sliding the Resin Tray side to side nor in lifting the Build Plate???
What the heck was the issue as it evidently the Build Plate wasn’t stuck to the Resin Tray because there was no noise other than the low wine of the machine as it preformed the cancel of the print.
I’m cleaning the Build Plate right now in the Form Wash and will tray again. Evidently this has happened before. I’m beginning to think it has to do with the amount of Support Base area on the Build Plate. This print has quite a number of parts pretty much covering 2/3rds of the area. Sort of sounds like the motors in the F2 aren’t strong enough and can only handle smaller prints.

There’s a thread on the forum here showing a test print FL did on the Form2 of a solid cube covering the full extent of the X/Y/Z build area. So, it’s definitely possible.

I removed a few items from the print and also cleaned the Build Plate. I had noticed in wiping the BP after a print that the paper towel was dark grey, I only use Grey resin. So, I took and use a very fine sandpaper and sanded the surface which brought about a fine black dust. On wiping down the BP the paper towels turned black. I alternated between sanding and cleaning with IPA until the paper towels came fairly clean. I figured then the build place was reconditioned. It’s now running with no issues. So i reconditioned a second used BP the same way.
I’ve used both FL and ALW Grey resin with both Build Plates so I can’t blame either one. I’m only using AWL going forward so I’ll watch to see if this issue remains. The black power gave me the impression, my thoughts only, that the resin has graphite in it as a colorant.

Hmm, do you know what’s causing the resin to spill over the side of the tank? A video would be a big help in diagnosing this. It’s possible that the holding torque of the stepper motors was preventing you from moving the tank during the print rather than the adhesion of the print.

Sanding the build plate will produce a black dust. I’ve sanded a few platforms here to increase adhesion with a few of our experimental materials.

This only happens when there is a large amount of support base area. Otherwise it run fairly well. Do get the Layer one noise when just before it moves the tray left and right. Other wise it runs ok.

I only sanded the build plate to make it smooth and to remove any foreign material. That wasn’t what I’d call the normal sticking as the support base broke all apart trying to peal it off the build plate. I’ve never had that before. I’m even questioning the resin as the culprit. I have another job running right now that is using a different build plate. We’ll see how that comes out.

It might be the case that your platform is over-compressing into the tank for those early layers. You might try iterating upwards with Z fine tuning until there’s no longer issues with over-adhesion or until you notice the opposite issue of non-adhesion.

Hadn’t thought of that. I’ll give it a try as it’s frustrating having to peel them the way it is now. Strange though as it wasn’t this case in the past.

Be nice if the Firmware was a bit more forthcoming on which direction is which on the Z axis adjustment. Made a guess that “Minus” was up and “Plus” was down with the Build Plate. Did one at -.01 and it worked a bit better. The resin seems much more brittle than it used to be but the vendor assured me it was the same formula.

I didn’t have this issue before Preform 2.14 and the new Firmware. Tried rolling back to 2.14 but the Firmware won’t let me.

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