First print with our new printer (fire extinguisher valve body)

Loving our new Form 1+ printer. Here’s a quick little video I made as the first print completes it’s job on the printer. After the video I sanded the part and tossed it in our Q-sun UV and environment chamber for about 10 minutes for fast curing. Very impressed with this little printer!


Is this going to hold pressure?!

Nah not this particular print. I printed this part without threads just to make sure the printer was working and everything. I also wanted to compare it to the same parts I’ve had printed on Objet and 3DS printers for visual and strength comparisons. We have printed nozzles and used them in the past with pressure and chemical agent but I’m not sure if a valve would seal correctly. Worth a shot one day though.

I noticed that the parts surface that had the supports isn’t as crisp or precise as the rest of the part. Is this the nature of the process or does your new printer have a substantial flare?

I have a 3rd party black resin that has worse issues with support sides but I really didn’t have any problems with this first generation of Formlabs gray resin.

Big question is does the black resins have problems with big parts?

Ken I had the same issues with third party resins. Check out my post on makerjuice vs formlabs resin.

My next purchase of resin will be the Formlabs. Just which their resin was just a little less brittle.

At least I know I’m not the only one.