Some first-off prints

Hello all.

So, I finally have my hands on a Form 1. I ended up cancelling my original order from Formlabs. They were pushing the date further and further back until I was sure it wouldn’t arrive in time for my projects. Fortunately I managed to find one for sale that was (relatively) nearby and new in box, so I jumped on it.

I have put about 240ml of clear resin through it, resulting in approx 70hrs of printing time. I have had two failures so far. I later managed to print them successfully after cleaning the build platform and allowing the PDMS to ‘breathe’ (as described here This has seemed to work for me, but we’ll see if that changes in the long run.


Very nice, Interesting looking projects as well!  I do like the clear… :slight_smile:


Those first prints look great!  I especially like the gaming controller, did you design it yourself?

Andy, so cool!  Thanks for sharing!  That elephant is AWESOME!

Hey Andy,

congrats that the printer works for you - your output looks really great.

I am the author of the post you are mentioning:

Actually it is not meant to be a description of how it is to be done, I was asking if anyone else is doing it that way :slight_smile:

BTW: I have the information, that the PDMS needs to breathe, from the B9 Forum ( and the Forum


The elephant is from Thingverse (, but the controller is my own design.


This technique was working for me quite well, until I had a failure that has managed to destroy half of my resin tray… It looks OK, but nothing will print on the front part of the build platform. Not so great, and I don’t really know what caused it :frowning:


The failed prints on the front of the platform sound like an issue that our customer support team would be happy to help diagnose. You can open a ticket by sending an email to It’s always helpful, if possible, to provide images of failed prints or issues you’re experiencing. The support team is on-hand to get you back to successfully printing.

Hello Andrew,

Very nice prints. Did you make something special to keep it clear like this?



Awesome controller!

Hey Andrew,
I really like the game controller. Is there any way to get the 3D files to make one myself?

Hi everybody !
Welcome to my instagram for everyday new form1’s prints. .
Not for adv. or spam. Just if someone is interested…

Sorry for the slow reply. Glad you like it! I have uploaded the model to GrabCAD here: