Let us know what you think of the new tutorial videos!

We’re expanding our support section to include videos that go into depth on common questions and optimal print setup. We’re starting off with a PreForm install guide, model optimization guide, model orientation overview, and support structure overview. Let us know what you think and which topics we should cover next!


These are pretty good! Thanks for the hard work guys :smiley:

Thank You very much!! Amazing Job from Formlabs!

I have been printing some large parts and the slicing to find local minima has been very cumbersome (at least on my computer). One thing that I think would help during model orientation is a “Find Local Minima” button on PreForm, so after orienting we could press this button and Preform would highlight local minima to the user.
I don’t know how feasible it would be to implement it software wise, but I think it would help a lot.

Anyway, thanks for the videos.

Best Regards
Joao Lavaque

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Agreed! This would be a useful tool!

Not having a 3D modeling background, I watched the model optimization guide first and learned quite a bit. I loved the Meshmixer tutorials. Concise and informative. Thanks for doing these and I look forward to lots more to come! :wink:

Is it possible to make an in-depth video on how to finish the prints, specifically, Clear Resin? I tried it multiple times and the final results aren’t what I hoped for so maybe you guys can direct us in this process more.


Have you checked out the functional camera lens blog post? The second half of that has some really neat post-processing techniques like resin dipping to make optically clear parts. You can also use UV protective coatings to improve clarity and decrease yellowing. We’ve also got some great guides on our support site specific to clear resin.

I did check that tutorial yeah. But I thought if you guys make a video showing the whole process it would be much more clearer since everything would be shown in the video.

I’ll try some more and see if I can manage to get almost perfect transparency.