Form 2 on Applied Science

Hey all. I recently starting using the Form 2 at home and work, and thought I would share a video that I made about my first experiences with it.

Also, I recently starting printing with the new ceramic resin, and am having a blast! I’ll be posting more about what I’ve learned with the ceramic workflow.


I can’t say how happy I am to see a proper engineer take a shot at making SLA videos, and with the Form2 at that., While geeking during my commutes I was looking for that kind of content and merely found hobbyist whose main use for a 3D printer is to print stuff from thingyverse… Can’t way to see more from you !



Do you have Instagram or additional resources on your website documenting your printing experience?

Nice work! I like that vice-clamped build platform + hammer and chisel removal technique.

Hi Ben,

I’m a huge fan of your Youtube channel.
Thanks for showing that given patience, curiosity and following basic scientific principles, one can achieve wondrous things in his own workshop.
You are a great source of inspiration for me and I trust that you embolden many in the maker movement.

@BenKrasnow I just watched your Sep 3 video making PCB’s out of Formlabs parts, a laser cutter and some chemistry. I’m hugely interested in this - would love to get in touch and get more details. Also will you be posting your results in the forums here?

Thanks. I’ll probably be posting more details via the Hackaday peer-reviewed journal and/or the Superconference. Please let me know your questions, so that I can include answers in the publications that will benefit everyone.