Form2 thoughts!

Very interesting morning! I’m impressed and excited to see how this will work in action!!

Some things I am curious about :

  • how the heated tank will improve reliability, that’s definitely something I didn’t see coming.
  • The cartridge system and what happens when you start a print when you’re low on resin.

…thoughts on the Form2?

I agree Brian very interesting presentation.

I am happy to see a lot of these additions/improvements

  • 100 watt increase in laser power
  • Sealed Optical system
  • Tighter beam width
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dashboard
  • Pricing discounts for Form 1, Form1+ and Kickstarters.

And I’m interested to see how these additional changes work in real-world situations.

  • Sliding peel mechanism
  • Non-DRM resin cartridge system
  • Larger build area
  • One-button printing

I’ve already submitted my Loyalty Pricing request and I’m ready to place my order. :smile:

-JD Davison
The Lab Partners

I missed the presentation (darn work) and the video of the presentation doesn’t seem to exist yet, is there anywhere else to get the details you shared here?

For example they didn’t mention the sealed optics in their marketing (likely to avoid drawing attention to the design flaw in the Form1+ that they are still selling). I also didn’t know about the laser power boost. I would love more details.

Interesting choice to price it the same as the Form1+, why would a new user select the old model? For the smaller footprint?

@Brandon_Andrzejewski I would image one possible reason is that they want to phase out the older models in order to keep their customer support system more streamlined/cost effective.

One thing I am super curious about is weather or not the new machines will need to be replaced as frequently as the older ones. Regardless, imo its a no brainer to upgrade.

I was wondering where JD got some of that information as well.

If they have a sealed optical chamber that’s going to eliminate a huge percentage of faulty prints. Very happy to see that. The tighter and more powerful laser is also a nice bonus!

Also what discounts were offered for existing owners? It just says $3500 in their store.

As for my overall thoughts I’m in line with you all. I think they made some great improvements but I’m skeptically optimistic about the heated chamber and peel mechanism. More moving parts mean more failure points so hopefully they really ironed out the engineering this go around.

And this is just the industrial designer in me but I’m kind of bummed it lost its streamlined look. It’s very industrial looking now. The cover not aligning with the body like it used to is really rubbing my OCD the wrong way :smile:

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@BrianAnderson Interesting thought, but wouldn’t they take the Form1+ off the market completely then? I am also curious about this no-brainer upgrade discount.

@Anthony_Huczek I agree it was a bit of an odd design choice. You can always buy some orange acrylic and make a better looking replacement! =P Having played with the flexible a bit I would guess the heater is primarily to lower the viscosity of the resins so they recover faster after the wipe cycle, but consistency is also nice.

It looks like it’s overall a good improvement, and not that much more expensive than the Form1+

I’m curious how much the loyalty discount would be. If I could send in my Form1+ and get a Form2 for like $1,000 then that would be fine by me

The optics don’t look sealed! See pic. Just enclosed in a drafty case like the form1+.

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Yeah I’d really like a clarification on that.

Also, I found the link on the product page about the existing customer discount but it just directed me to an email pop up. I emailed them asking so I’ll let you all know when I hear back from them.

Hmm, darn rumor mill. Though using a marketing render as proof isn’t ideal either. =]

Animated renders don’t show everything :smile:

The Form 2 features a protected optical path. That and more on the tech specs page.

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Thanks Craig, but can you explain protected please?

Thanks @CraigBroady! And wow, that’s quite the bump in laser power. I am also interested in more details on the “protected” path. As much as I can get without needing a NDA.

We have baffles that protect the optical pathway and a glass window under the resin tank to complete the seal.

This system is much more robust. In the live announcement we showed a picture of a printer that went through a military grade dust test and was still able to print.


Glad to see the sealed optics.

Is there going to be an upgrade option for existing owners?

@Gary_Cairns: $600 discount if you were a Kickstarter backer, or $400 if you weren’t but own an existing Form 1+. And you get to keep your existing printer.

I hope that you mean a 100 mW laser power increase, not an 100 W increase, otherwise I’m going to have to revisit the power budget… :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha! Playing cards. Sure beats the little torn bits of paper I’ve been using to level.

We have an email going out shortly to address all loyalty discount questions. If you need additional assistance after that…send us a message!


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So, is it me, or is Formlabs moving to a proprietary resin cartridge system to muscle out competing resin companies? Can users add whatever resin they want to the cartridge?

I missed the show, and it’s no longer available, but I saw the marketing video. What are the details of the peel mechanism and the wiper?