I just received my Form2 and I am really blown away by the new design! The machine is a lot more hearty than it’s Form1/+ little brothers. The resin tank, build platform attachment, and LCD screen are super slick. I love the missing power brick and wi-fi! It really is an amazing looking machine.

Still waiting on the resin from my order for now, but I just wanted to say congrats to everyone involved.

Great stuff!

Congrats to you on your new Form2! My colleagues have a Form1+, and I got the Form2 on Early Release back in the beginning of December 2015. There are definitive improvements in the Form2. I have been really pleased with my Form2, especially with the support device that you attach the build platform to while you pry your print from the build platform. Also, the Form2 is much cleaner based on having resin cartridges (very minimal liquid resin mess with the Form2). My only complaint is that I have to manually keep track of my resin usage so I can make an approximation of how much resin is left in the cartridge. You can see some recent discussions on this topic in the Community Forum.

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We’re working on getting rid of your only complaint, Ken :wink:


Thank you Ken!

Yes, the only thing I don’t quite get yet is the resin cartridge. I like the idea of it (no mess and no constant filling the thank) but I have yet to fully understand how it will work in practice.

Like you have mentioned, there will be left over resin that needs to be dealt with, but more over, the resin needs to be mixed before every print, or at least once a day (for pigmented resins) no? – manually shaking the cartridge does seem to defeat the purpose of an easy resin system. How are you dealing with this?

Its good to hear you’re enjoying your Form2!! :smiley:

Brian, I have been only using the clear resin, and I have not been doing any resin cartridge shaking at all, ever since I began using my Form2 in December 2015. I kept my Form2 shipping box and use the empty box as a “UV shield” for my Form2 and always keep the machine hidden from any light exposure under the upside-down box except when I am viewing the print in progress, and of course when I begin a new print job or at the end of a print job. I have removed the resin tank twice and drained it back into the resin cartridge (using a 190 micron funnel filter) twice: once in early January 2016 and once just two days ago. I am really diligent about not letting the liquid resin remain under sunlight exposure, so I think that helps with the integrity of the resin in the tray. For me, I just insert the resin cartridge into place and don’t touch it again unless to replace it or to pour the liquid resin out of the resin tank back into the resin cartridge (using a 190 micron funnel filter).

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