New Form2 user

Hi all!

I’ve just ordered a Form 2 printer!
Been 3D printing with FDM and Binder Jetting machines for about 6 years. Running a Original Prusa i3 MK2 Multi Material (BETA), one gCreate gMax and one Cetus3d Extended atm, all with their own purpose in my business. The Form 2 will be a great addon and Im excited!

I’m thinking about what resin’s to buy as a start, clear resin is included as well as one tank.
Im thinking about buying two more resin - types and two more tanks for those, is that wise?
Black and Tough maybe? Or grey and tough? What would you choose? Initially I’ll mainly print 3Dhub orders I think (if I get any hehe).

Best Regards Patrik

I have tried Clear, Black, White, and Grey. I mostly use clear and grey now. I have had my form2 for over a year now.

Over the past few months, I have used grey for about 80% of my prints and tough for the remaining 20%. I mostly make engineering parts and trinkets.

I would definitely experiment with different resins as budget allows. I have used all standard + high temp, tough and flex now. Each has their up sides and downs. The black shows sanding marks, scratches, etc a lot more than white/clear but can be wet sanded very smooth. Exactly like @gregor616 I mainly print in either clear or grey now.

What are you using your parts for? Tough is my go-to resin but that’s because I’m making functional prototypes and the standard resins are brittle for the mechanical loading of my application.

Thanks all!
So the clear resing that comes with the printer, gray and tough seems like a good start then!

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Recieved my Form 2 today!
Assembled it and Im now printing my first print! (YAY)

I cant see anything on the buildplate yet, but its only 30 layers through at 0.05mm layers and clear resin so I guess it can be hard to see :smiley:

Otherwise I’ll have a lot of cured resin in my tank I guess…

When storing used tanks with resin inside, do you just put the black lid on (which they came with) and stack them?

Best Regards Patrik

I can see something ! :slight_smile: Looks like it works! Coooool


When you store the tray with resin in it, you will use the black cover. Make sure when you remove your tank that you don’t touch the optical window in the bottom of the resin try or you risk smudges and failed prints. When I store my tanks, I set them on top of a lint-free cloth just to be safe and protect the window.

Make sure and mix the resin in the tank before using again - especially with the pigmented resins (white, black, grey) as settling occurs.

Just some first prints :smiley: