Help Selecting Best Resin

I am looking to use my Form2 to print out parts to create a FDM 3D printer. I am looking to make all of the parts out of one resin and there is one part that contacts a build plate that can reach up to 100 C and another that is near the hot-end that could see 50-60 C on a regular basis. I have tried looking at the resins to determine which would be best but I am not sure which to go with. Any feedback would be appreciated!

High Temp will be the only one to work properly IMO. All other resins get chewy at your required temperatures. On top it’s pretty rigid over a longer period so that you won’t have to fix z-axis tuning too often. Pay attention to your post cure process to give these parts their final hardness and strength.


Thanks for the fast response! That is what I was thinking is that I would have to go with High Temp. I was kind of hoping I could get away with Tough as I prefer the finish color.

Hopefully, by the time I get around to printing the parts I will have the wash/cure to allow me get the best mechanical properties out of it.

Sadly, Tough will get very soft at 60 °C and above.

Is there any way to color the resin without compromising the mechanical properties of the resin?