Resin for 90°C water?

What would be the most suitable resin for us to use with our Form3 to make functional parts that withstand ≤ 90°C water? I’m using High Temp V2 but it is extremely brittle.


Hello @Andrew_W -

Looking into this, the only concern is the resin will absorb a small amount of water; none of our resins should thermally degrade at this temperature. If you need help getting a resin with proper physical properties, please look into our Resin Data Sheets or contact Support for assistance.


I imagine the question goes more about part deflection and capacity to support loads. I think the rigid ressins could work (but depends a lot on the parts)
I would be grate to have a maximum temperature withstand by the resin on the datasheet.

I have designed and printed several “water beds” with built in water lines inside the part for for temps between 30c to 60c none for 90C yet but I have autoclaved parts at 121c for 20min. In my case they need it to be visible so clear material was important. the best and least deforming is high temp. But as you mentioned darn thing is brittle, you can cure it for 60 min at 60c which helps but still. I’m also using Bio med Clear with decent success but its pricey. in both cases I design my parts in such way so the supports can be removed before curing, otherwise they chip like glass.

Yes, I should have included this in my original question. The printed parts are only for prototypes and flow testing but should not deform at up to 90°C. The production parts will be made from brass/stainless steel.