Tough resin usable temperature


I have been using the tough resin to print some functional parts and what bothers me is that when a part is in contact with a human body it heats up the cured part (not more than 37-40°C) which becomes soft like Plasticine and thus unusable.

Has anyone experienced that?

Is there a way to inrease the temperature dependancy? Can you overcure to achieve rigidness?

Can anyone suggest a better resin?

Thanks in advance for your answers and help.

The HDT of Tough Resin is relatively low at 48.5C @ 0.45MPa. There are a few things you might try.

Durable does have a lower HDT (43.3C @ 0.45MPa), but is more flexible by default and will retain its shape more easily. You can also use something like Flexible as an interface between your part to distribute heat.

If your parts are rigid and don’t need any amount of flex, High Temp is the obvious choice with an HDT of 289C @ 0.45MPa.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I am developing ankle braces and I need a tough material that will not break and will be little to no flexible in the range of temperatures up to 45°C.

Tough has all the right properties at 20°C but it is unusable at > than 35°C.

is there a way to improve that?

This might be inconvenient, but you could cast the object in urethane. The materials available are prototyping materials. Maybe in the future this will change, but to get properties that are not available you’ll need to use your printer as a pattern maker or just for proof of concept. Once you know the shape is correct use another manufacturing process like, SLS, or molding, and get the part made in nylon, urethane, or some other robust material.

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