Tough Resin light-hearted discussion

I know you guys use proprietary ingredients in your resins, but do you think you could cut back on the essence-of-blueberry in the tough resin? The color is gorgeous, but that smell is so strong. :joy:

In other news, as suggested by Formlabs, Tough resin is not good with temperature. It gets nice and soft as temperature goes up above 65C, and turns into a gummy part reminiscent of silly-putty before it cools.

good to know.

Tough does get soft when it warms up. I’ve actually used this to “mold” parts into a particular shape that I want.


That’s actually a really good idea. I wasn’t sure what to do with it when it gets soft.

When the other materials get soft they quickly reharden and fracture, but not tough. Never thought about using it to mold!

From my experience, Flexible is even worse. I kept my window open and ventilated the room for a few days and it still reeks of bad smell.

Oh joy, I haven’t even opened my flexible yet. (It’s really kinda hard for me to find an application for it in my work function)

It’s just that everytime I pull out my tough resin, I get this ultra-strong smell reminiscent of blueberry pop-tarts.

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I was not aware of the heat thing. The stuff I’m doing is for outside use and I live in the desert. Is there another resin out there that is though and handles heat better that can be used in the form 2?

Oh, when I say it’s not good with the heat, I mean gets progressively worse at temperatures above 150F. And by that I mean it loses some of its rigidity and gets soft.

The other formlabs resins are not “tough”, but I can’t speak for other company formulations.