Tough resins stiffness seems directly proportional to temperature in the 70 to 95F degree range that I observed

Just wanted to post some observations on my first look at Tough resin.
Specifically for thin walled parts in the 2mm range.
I found with a sample print from formlabs and a test print of my own file that the flexibility of Tough seems to directly correlate to the environments temperature.
In other words with the parts I looked at, there seemed to be no temperature in my environments range below which the material exhibited a consistent stiffness. So 85F was softer than 80F, and at night when it was 70F the material was stiffer. This was fairly obvious with out any specific test equipment that the material had a continually varying structural property. A disappointment for my application, the material really seems to me at least like some sort of vinyl, definitely not close to ABS. Now looking at heat deflection temp. charts and the Formlabs chart, I see it seems to indeed have a similar heat deflection # as vinyl .

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