Durable resin temp's

Does anyone know how my heat the durable resin can take before it starts to affect it’s properties (this is after curing). I know someone who wants to heat the parts in water to try and dye them.

Here’s a link to the Durable Resin Datasheet. It has an HDT of 43.3C @ 0.45MPa.

I really don’t know how to read those. I’m just looking for a simple (plain mans) explanation.

To put it simply; @ 43C with medium force applied it will get affected/damaged. Of course this isn’t a perfect explanation. What Frew posted is exactly the results they got when testings. Check out the article provided by formlabs regarding these terms to have a better understanding of what they mean.

So am I correct in saying that if there are no forces applied while at a high temp the nothing should change. What about after cool down. Will have the same characteristics?

I’m afraid you’ll have to test for yourself to know for sure. Try to dig as much information from the sheet as possible to help you decide if this is the right resin for this job.

That’s what I was thought. Thanks for your help.