New grey is great on the form2 any talk of other colors and printers

We were blown away by the new grey resin. Has there been any talk of other resins getting the same treatment?

What printer are you using this with, Form 1/1+ or 2 ?

I’m trying to use it with a Form 1+, and I’m not having any success, unless I print using a different profile (Black V2).

We are using it in the form2. We have gone through almost a full cartridge.

Yes, there’s seems to be almost no feedback from any Form 1/1+ users regarding this resin. Every single mention of it here is from Form 2 users, and from myself. I even put out a call to all Form 1 users that have used to give me feedback, but stragely enough, I seem to be the only one.

More over, I would have thought that there would be someone from Formlabs chiming in on it, but no such luck.

We have usually had excellent service from formlabs. Much better then some other 3d printer companies. I think i hearf some where that they are a little understaffed at the momont. Hopefully they get back to you soon.

If we keep this thread going maybe will will both get our answers.

While support is pretty helpful, and make a good effort in trying to troubleshoot a problem, ultimately, if they can’t fix it through the process, they fall back on sending the printer back for repairs.

While that is fine while your printer is still under warranty, once that’s over, they have a flat repair fee of $800, regardless of what’s wrong with the printer.

That type of “solution” might be acceptable to companies that use their printers for mission critical work, or make enough money with it that they can justify the costs. But for some of us that had to make an effort/sacrifice to buy the printer in the first place and have to scrape enough to buy the resin, that kind of one size fits all solution is unfortunately out of the question.

Regarding the new resins, like the Grey v3, they have been pretty silent about it, other than to say on another topic that the resins have been tested in all their printers. I wonder how much in-depth testing they’ve done on the older printers, or even if the “old” printers they use, have the old design/vintagehardware, or newer hardware (lasers, galvos, mechanics,etc).

One other thing that, to me, is somewhat disturbing, is the lack of development on the Form 1+. I don’t mean they should keep developing new features, but FormLabs has released new firmware for the Form 2, along with just about every release of new software and new resins, while the last firmware release for the Form 1+ is more than 2 years old.

I can’t help but think that the Form 2 is given all the fixes and tweaks to go along with the new software updates and the new resins, while the Form 1/1+ is being left behind, and whatever “testing” that gets done, if any, is simply perfunctory.

If I’m wrong, then someone at FromLabs should set me straight, and explain to me why there haven’t been any firmware updates for the old printer, yet there are firmware updates for the new one just about every month or so. Was the Form 1 so perfect from the onset that it no longer requires any updates, and conversely the Form 2 is so poorly designed that it requires tweaks and fixes every few months? I doubt it.

I’m sorry to be so testy, but at the moment, I’m feeling that I’ve been abandoned by Formlabs, and I have an obsolete machine on my hands, which soon enough I won’t even be able to use.

Tell me more, i tried almost all resin (not the expensive ones) plus third party except formlabs grey. Can you explain which version are you referring to and what are the advantages? Detail and durability?

The version i question is the new Grey v3. The “advantage” is the matte surface, which makes the details stand out. I’m not sure about durability.

I’ve had as many failures (2) with my first liter of v3 as I had had in the last 4 months with v2. The vacuum force seems to be higher - I’ve had one part get pulled off the build platform at the support contact point & one delaminate, remaining stuck to the vat. In both cases when I removed the cured resin from the vat it took quite a bit of force to remove. The vat was replaced with a new one when I switched to v3 . I have had some successful prints, so it’s not all bad. And the new grey does look great. I’m about to start another liter of v3, if the issues continue I will probably switch to another color.

I’m on a form2

My first 2 prints did fail, they were large hollow parts . I believe that it was because i didn’t use enough supports. And on the second broke of and i noticed some strong suction to the tank. Afte adding a .5mm hole to relive the suction inside the part it printed without any problems. The surface looks great and the parts seem less brittle then any of the other “standard” resins. For the smaller (30mm X 30mm X 30mm) parts i use very little supports (maybe 8 at .5 spot size) and had no failed prints since my first 2 large prints.