New resin progress?

Hoping some one in the Formlabs team can chip in here, but, when will we see some updated reports on the grey resin and others which we all hope are in the pipeline. Ofcourse, we all understand the need to thoroughly test anything before it gets released to the public but with so many of us being attracted to the Form1 initially by the quality of print we saw with the grey resin it seems fair to at least give us some information regarding development and future timeline.  Although the clear is a great product, visually it is actually detracting from the quality of the print which comes from the Form1 due to refraction and all the other light issues associated with clear materials, essentially, everything is accentuated more often than not, negatively.  If one looks over to Rober Vigione`s reply to this post :  when will we get a new Preform version compatible with complex meshes created in Zbrush you can see how different the prints can look when in an opaque material. Granted this has been primed, but the idea is the same. I feel that some of us, my self included have in the recent days/weeks been slightly disappointed with some of the imagery and detail/quality coming from other images/prints especially when compared to those “marketing” photos and models used by the Formlabs team.

What are others thinking?

When might we see the “new” grey resin released?


I can take it from the lack of response from both the community and the Formlabs team that I am the only person who is interested when the grey resin or other resins will be released.

Hoping for some kind of response…


I want the grey resin too the clear is not great to see the details without priming the model which then tend to hide small details.

I reorder one bottle for now and will use my coupon only one at the time until the grey resin is available.

I think there will be a lot more interest in grey resin when we all have printers to use it in. I’d prefer grey myself. I will be printing patterns for silicone molds and I’d prefer to start with an opaque part rather than having to prime it as the first step. The commercially printed parts off the Objet machines are fabulous to work with. The off-white color and easy sanding characteristics of the material make it a joy to work with.

The fact that they switched to clear as their launch resin suggests that they are hitting snags with curing  and releasing off the bottom of the vat.  It would be great if they kept us in the loop on all this.

At MakerFaire Formlabs had at least one sample of a resin in development that created a flexible print. The demo piece was a mesh basket that was “squishy”.  Anyone with more info on this resin? I have immediate applications for this stuff.

I ran out of my first bottle of clear resin and was hoping to see the grey come out.  I’ve been experiencing warping and loss of detail on the support side of my prints and I believe it’s due to the laser curing left over resin that hasn’t ran off the print yet.   I’m also hoping that the clear is re formulated to better increase transparency and to stop the yellowing from happening while curing.

I need the grey one and I would like Formlabs to tell us when it gets out. My resin coupons will expire in august and I will soon have to kno if I use them on grey resin, on clear resin or not at all. This must be the same for many other people. Formlabs, tell us!!!

We get new coupons for the upcoming months…

Grey Resin is now officially available in our Form Store. If you would like to change resin in an existing order from Clear to Grey, please fill out this form:


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