Grey resin and order

Thanks you SOO much for the new resin !!!

Because i’m international backer, i didn’t receive my printer, so i change the clear by the grey ( order  #1651 ). Someone from formlabs can confirm me that’s correctly done ?

As well is it possible to add more bottle of resin into my KS order ? and maybe a resin tank or/and a build platform ? How can i do that ?


Going to second this- I also want to switch from grey to clear

i am with gilles (above, as i understand him)) on the issues of new printer delivery:

  • including grey instead of clear resin

  • increasing the amount of resin

  • including spare/replacement parts

all of the above with the thought in mind to:

  • decrease shipping costs

  • minimize customs hassles and cost at point of import

To request Grey resin (rather than the default, Clear), please use the following web-form: If you’ve already entered your info there, we have it and we’ll switch the included 1L when your printer ships. We’re doing everything we can to streamline international shipping – and we’re hoping to have quite a few printers going out over the next weeks and months.

Thanks for the answers.

I think my KS order will be ship soon, but i want to add 3 bottles of grey resin to my 1L of KS resin. I suppose the shipping will be free ?

How can i proceed ?

I got charged $50 in shipping (after refund) to add resin and a spare tank to my order, I’m in Australia

Received my grey resin today! Yay!

If anybody else is ordering grey, be advised that if you’ve been using clear, you should probably order a second resin tray for the new material. Formlabs recommends this and when you think about it, it makes practical sense.

My second resin tray arrived last Saturday so I’m ready to go. I’ll print something in grey tonight or tomorrow morning.



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Thanks for the answers ! I can’t wait to see what your print will be, Greenlaw.

Concerning the shipping of Resin, i still need an official answer from formlabs. Because i already order a lot or resins, and i just want to know if i can ship 3 bottles to my KS order with no shipping cost ( and how to do that )

@Deschaud - If you place an order for additional resin bottles we can bundle them into your order and issue a partial shipping adjustment. There will be some additional shipping cost as the weight of the package has increased, but it will be cheaper then sending them individually.

Thank you for your answer Jory B ! I already ask for a refund of my resin order, i will finally order more to fit 3 extra bottles to my KS shipping.

I hope i will have the confirmation quickly to order soon :slight_smile:

The form to change the clear resin to grey doesn´t seem to be working.

How do we proceed to request the change ?


Hello Iona,

There is an updated form, here: Let us know if that isn’t working!


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the swift reply.

Should i receive an email confirmation after filling in the form or should i see the change on my formlabs account page ?

Some sort of confirmation that the change has been registered would be nice.