Grey Resin - Version 2 - Alternatives

Form 1+
Since V3 I have to renew my tray every 1l-bottle, sometimes earlier.
With the Version2 Resin of Formlabs Resin my tray lasts sometimes 3-4 bottles.
Are there any other alternatives of grey resin (MadeSolid, MakerBot…).
Does anyone have actual experiences with that?

I too was big fan of the Grey v2, and had all kinds of issues with v3. So in the long run I settled for clear v2 which produced consistent results.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried a new resin from ApplyLabWorks and the stuff works great in my Form 1+. I personally only used their beige, which is very similar to FL white, but they have a couple of other formulations as well.

So far I haven’t heard any complaints about this resin, so for the time being, this will be my go-to resin.

Here is the link to my original post:


I’m looking at their Grey-Olive for my Form 2. I only have used FL Grey v2. Wish they would leave things alone and keep producing that. I do production and can’t afford things getting screwed up. Like the bad tray I have. I paid for it and there is no refund or return so it sits on a shelf useless basically. Might try the ApplyLabWork resin in that one as I don’t have to worry about the sensor for the tank.

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Thanks for the answer.
Do you have experiences, if the models change their size after some time.
For us form-stability for a longer time is very important.

kind regards from germany!

I really don’t have an answer for you. I never bothered to measure the models after I printed them and again later. For these models, a few tenths of a mm deviation from the original is not that important. Besides, I’ve only started using this resin about 3 weeks ago, so I don’t know if that’s enough time to show any shrinkage.

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