Grey Pro Resin Alternative

Hello, I’m a manufacturer and looking for an alternative to the Grey Pro resin. It is crazy expensive and I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives out there.

Does anybody know of a 3rd party resin that performs similar to the Grey Pro Resin?


I had some nice results from photocentric resins, but the dimensional accuracy isn’t as good formlabs own resins.

That’s a bummer, for my application I need the print to be pretty accurate.

I manufacture and use Gray ALW Modeling Design Concept for Formlabs printers.

Works great and I use it exclusively in two Form 2 printers.

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I’m still a noob to this. How does it compare to the Grey Pro in regards to rigidity and durability?
I see you use the Grey V3 or V4 settings. Can I just fill my empty tank of Grey V3 or V4 with it?
I have the Form Cure and Wash, what settings would you recommend?

I have many questions and appreciate your time.
Thank you!

I use the V3 settings. I feel the V4 uses too much power on the base and they stick to the plate too hard.

I pour enough resin in to do whatever I’m printing at that time. Between the top fill line and the top of the arrow. NO HIGHER than that. If you go over 100 ML on a build you will have a pause no matter and that’s the time to add the extra resin.

I’m using from 5 to 7 liters of the ALW resin a month and that’s going to go up. If I had the room I’d add a third machine.

I never tried it myself, but I think DigitalForge 3D may be worth a try:

$10 more than ALW Gray Resin that I buy.

Not being affiliated to them in any way, but to be fair, they say that you lose much more resin with ALW, because a good portion sticks to the model and is washed away with the cleaning procedure, and they will go down with the price if you order bigger quantities.

Well, for 1 liter of the Gray it’s $85 or $15 more than one liter of ALW resin. You need to buy 3 liters to get free shipping. I might buy one to test, we’ll see.