Form2 Shipping list

I recently received a shipping list email saying that my Form2 had been shipped. What concerns me is that there is no mention of the 1ltr Grey Resin. I am hoping that the resin is shipping with my Form2 or that will be very, very, disappointing.

Excited to have you as a new user! Grey is back ordered presently which is why you haven’t received a shipping confirmation. Grey will be re-stocked and shipping on the 6th so you shouldn’t have to wait long! We’ve been notifying all users that ordered Grey Resin of the delay.

so…just so that I understand. I will be getting the printer. But I will have no resin to print with, and no one told me this nor was it mentioned on the website as I ordered? I was never notified during my order or after.

Please send me clear resin. And then the Grey when you have it in stock.

The store is currently displaying a lead time on Grey Resin though we checked your invoice and it doesn’t seem that this was listed. We’ll make sure to look into why this was the case. Your resin is scheduled to ship tomorrow and we’re going to overnight it for you so that it arrives with your printer.


That would be great. Thank you for the quick response. I’m looking forward to using the Form2.

Looking forward to having you as a user!

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