Lead times and delivery of Form 2 and resin

Hi everyone,

We placed our order for a Form 2 and accessories on January 29th of this year, while the lead time was listed at 11 weeks. Several days later, the lead time was revised to be only 8 weeks.

I’m wondering if people who ordered after us, while the lead time was 8 weeks, have gotten their printers yet? We have been waiting 12 weeks now, with not even a sign of life when it comes to our order. I will be very angry if I find out that people who have been ordering with the shorter listed lead time have been getting their printers before we have. If not, then why is the lead time still listed at 7 weeks? How could they have a short lead time now when they haven’t even shipped orders from 12 weeks ago?



Hi, I think you should email them directly – that’s what I had done. My Form 2 was late, but once I contacted them, their support team was really great about keeping me in the loop and giving me status updates.

This printer is definitely worth the wait. I love the Form 2. I’m new to SLA, but the workflow is a lot smoother and less messy than I had anticipated.

Thanks for the reply. Can you enlighten me as to when you ordered your form 2? I’m really curious about people who ordered after we did, but when the lead time was shorter.

I ordered it in October 2015. I received it during the first week of March.

I ordered 12/20 and it was delivered 4/13. By my account, it took 16 weeks, 3 days to get my printer. When I ordered, it was quoted as 12 weeks. I almost didn’t order at 12 weeks and I probably wouldn’t have at 16 weeks. That said, I’m happy with the printer. I’ve now gone through a liter of grey resin and I’m very satisfied. This isn’t my first SLA, but it is more polished than the others. I’m glad I waited and glad to have it.

Ordered in january- still nothing. Was 11 week lead time they estimated it at 17 weeks.

I ordered first week of January, and still don’t have the printer. It was supposed to ship end of last month, but when I asked them they said they had a delay. Then it was supposed to ship this week, but then they said that they were waiting for the new resin. Now they claim that it is preparing for shipping, and I should have a tracking number any time now. We’ll see, it has been a long wait, and hopefully this time it will really ship.

I don’t know for sure, but from what I’ve seen, I seriously doubt anyone except maybe reporters are getting machines on an 8 week lead time.

I was tempted to cancel… Figure if I decide to go with something else I’ll sell it to someone to let them skip the line.

17 weeks stinks.

I understand. It’s hard to wait. Mine was right around 17 weeks as well. It’s a very nice printer and worth waiting. If you’re coming from FDM, you might be a little annoyed by the amount of post-process work involved, but really, it isn’t all that bad. My initial complaint was with the part removal process (i.e. sore and nearly slit wrists), but the new easy removal rafts are brilliant. Print quality is generally amazing, except that I haven’t figured out how to get perfectly straight edges on the support side of the print yet.

Hang in there, guys! Hopefully, you have other projects or printers to occupy yourselves in the meantime.

I had a 1+… Had some issues so it ended up being swapped- I regret selling it so fast… Just didn’t want to deal with open optics again.

But that was so long ago

I had pre-ordered mine right after they had went public with the Form 2 back in late September of 2015. I didn’t receive it until the third week of February 2016. It took about 19 weeks to get it, and I can say that it was worth the wait. It is a well thought-out SLA printer package and I am pleased that I made the purchase.

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My order payment went though the last couple days of December.
I received it on the 18th

About 15~16 weeks

They are far from 8 weeks right now, but it does seem that every week it takes one less week.
They really should not have dropped it yet. Are we at 8 weeks since they dropped it from 12 to 8? I do not know the exact day.

From what I could tell, at the end of each week they send out a “batch” of them…

I’ve seen multiple people post about the delay being due to the orange lids, that is also what they told me via email.

It seems to be a squeaky wheel gets the oil situation, and you may have to ask for input on the order, or they assume you are good and waiting patiently. Which is fine, because would you rather a handful of people spend a day replying to emails, or actually build the machines waiting in line before yours?

They should have given all machines orders a public number, and had an automated email saying which machine they built last, so you know how close it is to your machine the closer it gets to your number.

And it may just be photos, but my lid appears to be slightly darker then what I usually see in photos on line.

I ordered mine March 28, 2016. I believe the lead time posted was 8 weeks. I guess I will be waiting a bit longer. That’s ok, I’m sure its going to be worth the wait.

The web site says 7 weeks as of today. Does anyone have a sense of whether that’s likely, or does “7 weeks” turn into a significantly longer period in real life?

pretty much add at least a month extra to what the lead time says.

The website said 12 weeks when I ordered. It will have been 16 weeks on Monday, and I still don’t have it. So yeah, I would assume that estimate is overly optimistic. They seem to have a lot of delays. First it was delayed because of the amber plastic color, then it was delayed because they changed the formula of their resin, now they claim I will have a shipping number any day, but it remains to be seen when that happens.

Just an update, my printer shipped today, and was ordered on Jan 7, so that gives you an idea on the realistic lead times.

11 weeks delivery from Jan 7 tells us what the actual lead time was in January. We would need a time machine to tell us what the realistic lead time is today.

Interestingly the lead time has dropped from 7 to 5 weeks now. Theoretically mine has 3 weeks to run and I’m assured it’s a valid ship date.

Can’t complain =)

Using the EU Store, I placed my order on the 25th of February 2016 when the estimated delivery time was already down to 8 weeks and today, with a 1 week delay because of the Resins, I received the eMail with the shipping details for my order.

To be honest, right now, I’m more worried about Customs xD