Form2 Lead time

I see the form 2 lead time is down to 7 weeks. It was 8 when I ordered a month ago. Are there any people out there actually getting the printer in 8 weeks?

Mine was supposed to go this week, but there is a 1-2 week possible delay now. I placed the order on 3/17, when an 8 week leadtime was advertised.

I was once again assured by support that My printer will ship by May 30th. I am still skeptical from what I have seen posted, but I am looking forward to finally getting it someday.

Just received an email saying “we expect to complete your order in the next few weeks”. When I asked a couple of weeks ago I was told it was still expected to ship w/c 16 May; mine was placed 18 March (EU store if that is a different lead time).

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