Form 2 shipping

Hello I ordered a Form 2 when did the shipping start ?



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What date did you order؟

I make this the 30 october

I think we will get it near january or february (( it’s like first shipping of form 1+

I don’t think so i ordered the Form 2 because they says that the shipping is for december. I have professionnal use it is the reason that i had prefer formlabs than others.

Don’t count your chiсken before they hatch, because as i remember, first shipping should be at the end of october, where are them?

I ordered my Form 2 on October 11. Someone said that it would be about 7 weeks from your order date. so that places the shipping around the beginning of December. Can someone from Formlabs please confirm this?


I had call formlabs last week they said me that the shipping is for december. Can formlabs confirm this ?

I ordered mine on the 22nd September and I haven’t heard anything, not even a single email as an update!

Anything would be good right now in a form of communication from Form Labs!

Many thanks


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I put in a support ticket Nov 5th and was told by Formlabs that shipping would start end of Nov or first of Dec.

I ordered mine on Sept 22nd moments after it was announced. At that time I was given a “November” delivery.

On Oct 23 I wrote to Formlabs looking for an update and got this:

Anastasiya (Formlabs) Oct 23, 2:54 AM Hi Allen, Thank you for reaching out to us about order 100021921, While I cannot give you an exact shipping date, I can tell you that manufacturing is running full steam and we anticipate a lead time of 8 weeks for new Form 2 orders. Printers only ship to customers once they’ve been thoroughly quality tested. Everyone is really focused on making sure we ship quality printers in good time.

Then I wrote back to verify if this means 8 weeks from the order date or 8 weeks from the date of that email and then got this back:

Anastasiya (Formlabs) Oct 23, 10:27 AM Hi Allen, That is 8 weeks from when the order is placed. This is only an estimated delivery time. We will notify you as soon as the shipping status changes.

Then on Nov 10 I checked in again and was told:

Zach Brown (Formlabs) Nov 10, 1:16 PM
Hi Allen, We don’t have any more specific updates on anticipated delivery, but if you were originally quoted a November delivery, you should be receiving an update within the next week or two regarding the status of your order.

So, now it’s the 19th, I’ll wait a few more days and write again see what’s up , but confidence in receiving this machine in November is fading.

It’s worth mentioning that I paid for this machine almost two months ago and have not received a single correspondence from the company that I did not initiate myself. I’m REALLY looking forward to getting this machine, I just wish their customer service was a little more proactive and forthcoming with status updates. With an original vague ship date of “November” you’d think they’d have a little better estimate by now as November is soon coming to a close.

So glad to see everyone’s excitement about the Form 2. We can’t wait to start getting these onto your desktops. There is a lead time stated in our online store at checkout. Any orders placed today have an "Estimated delivery 01/2016”. If you ordered in October, your estimated ship date is likely earlier.

We’re aware these timelines are broad, but we want to prevent giving out inaccurate information. We’ve already shipped early production units, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

With the incredible demand for the Form 2, we’re ramping our production quickly with quality as a top priority. We plan to email each purchaser directly once we can share the precise date that we intend to fulfill your orders, and of course we’ll also email the tracking number for each shipment. If you have questions about the Form 2 beforehand, let us know; otherwise, stay tuned for an email in your inbox.

Hi Jory,

Many thanks for the reply. I don’t think anyone here is asking for a specific delivery date for their particular order as you clearly can’t respond to that.

The question is quite a simple one, that being when will the FIRST customer Form 2 be shipped? This month, next month, next year, you must have some idea “approximately” when this will happen!?

Many thanks


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Will, as I mentioned above, we’ve actually already shipped early production units…but we want to make sure that everything passes our intensive QA standards before rolling out general orders.

We will have an official update coming in the next week or so. In the meantime, you can always send us a message with specific questions.


Hi Jory, thanks for the answer, have you any news about the shipping start ?

Have a nice day


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Well, this is a bit inconvenient and reminiscent of the original launch. I hope the delay isn’t too long, and the cause of the delay not too serious. I’ve already started booking jobs that require the larger build size so losing more than a week or two is going to cause serious problems for me.

Hello Jason,

It’s the dame for me. I have an order of pieces for december and i don’t have the printer for this :frowning:

I think the shipping have been started because the support is now available for the form2 .

Jory can you confirm this and can I know when my printer will be shipped ?

My order Number is : 1200006914

Thanks you a lot

Patrick - we have a shipping update incoming very soon. I will shoot you a private message concerning your order.

Jason - we’ve grown a lot since the original launch and just want to make sure everything is ready for prime time prior to getting machines out the door.

I really hope i get it before the end of the year, honestly.