Shipping update : international backer


I’m Edouard from Belgium. I order my printer the 13th may 2013 and I’m still waiting for my printer. My number is the #2510.

I’m creating this post because it’s very difficult to have a clear answer (and a answer that answer ours questions).

The last mail update that I recieve (today) is even worst that the mail update (december). It’s just apologizing and telling us (more and over) why they are so late. (Sometime I’m asking myself : how it is possible to be 8month late on a product that expensive).

The thing is that we are all buying technology and technology change every month (If I receive a computer 8month after ordering it, I’m will get an already old computer…)

If someone from Belgium or somebody that have a similar date to mine got his printer, please answer this topic. So I can predict myself aproximately.

Sorry Formlabs for this non-profitable topic but I think being right while doing this.

(ps: sorry for my bad English)

Hello everyone

Formlabs …   THIS IS A JOKE ?

  • In early November 2013, I received an email from Formlabs, where he wrote that:

… and we’re currently estimating that your printer will ship between November 18 and December 30.

  • On January 6, 2014 another email tells me that:

… I can tell you that you’re certain to receive your printer’s tracking information within the next two and a half weeks.

I’ve flagged you order in our database to make sure it goes out as soon as we can.

  • Today,18 January, I received this email from F****ormlabs:

We apologize for delays in your shipment. We strive to give all of our customers the best possible customer service and experience,regardless of location. Unfortunately, shipping the Form 1 internationally has proven more complex than anticipated.
While we are continuously shipping printers around the world,

we are currently 4-6 weeks behind on our international shipping fulfillment relative to our domestic orders.

We are making every effort to improve our ability and capacity to support all Form 1 users,

wherever they might be, and we’re working hard to add support channels abroad.

I have ordered my Form 1 in february 2013 (order n. 1811 - 02/08/2013)
and ordered extra resin and two extra VAT (order n. F5192 - 01/12/2013)

I do not know what to think anymore.
Formlabs was able to realize his project with the financial support of the people who believed in her.
I understand that there are difficulties during the development of a new product,

but after one year, Formlabs does not yet been able to organize production times and delivery of its machines.
This is a bad sign to the current and future customers, also because the alternatives are coming at Form 1

I’m losing the trust in Formlabs.

Mauro Campana

(from Italy)

Please give me more informations about the shipping of my printer. Your promise me to send it this month and I still don’t got any notification. It’s very frustrating that you have the time to make an article about the noise of the printer (maybe not the most important thing for the moment) but don’t have any time to give  us a clear shipping update…


I’m in Canada and have order #1191. I’ve not yet got my printer either. I’ve had the same recent sequence of communications as you guys: an email end of Nov 2013 stating end of Dec 2013 delivery assured, a second email two weeks later confirming the first, then silence until last week an email saying international orders are 4-6 weeks late.

Crazily poor comms. All on top of massive delays.

Deeply frustrating. My original date was April last year.

The appallingly poor comms do not bode well for product support. Indeed reading the forums it seems the printer does not print reliably at the highest resolution so I’m wondering if this has been worth the wait.

At this stage I will give Formlabs 4 weeks. If nothing by then then I will apply to Visa for reimbursement for non-delivery.

And yes I was also foolish enough to add extra ink to my order.