Any From1 backers in Switzerland or close by?

Hi all 3D creators

I’m a bloody beginner in 3D printing, but looking forward to get my own Form1 soon :wink:

I highly assume, I’m not the only backer in Europe - someone else out there, a bit

closer than US? I’m a swiss guy, working in electrical engineering. If you want establish

a contact, please drop me a mail:

regards and have fun


We are an association of three Frenchies, we pre-ordered a Form 1 hopefully in August.
We also wish to set up a European network (why not a French one ;-), we opened a Facebook page for it:


for sure there are Form fans in Switzerland! We are a group of three colleagues from Central Switzerland that pre-ordered a total of four machines.

As almost everyone else we are somewhere in the long queue of fans eagerly awaiting some shipping notice. To make contact is a good idea - I’ll drop you an e-mail.

Cheers, Hansjoerg

Hello, i’m a Swiss backer too. I’m in the FORM ABROAD group, so i don’t expect to get my Form1 before late August or even September. But that’s ok for me. I’m rather willing to wait and get a well calibrated and working machine (more or less plug’n’play) than to have to calibrate it and iron out quirks myself. I also hope that the Preform software will be out of beta until then.

I work as a software and web developer at the University of Zurich but i do also a lot of electronics engineering as a hobby and plan to use the Form1 mainly for functional prototype designs (cases, mounting parts etc.).

Best regards


Hi ! I’m from Switzerland too ( FORM ABROAD also }.

As some of the FORM ABROAD printers have been received by their lucky owner (UK & france), I was wondering if one of you guys, did receive the now famous and most awaited notification of shipping from our FormLab friends ?!?

Seems that Switzerland will (again ?) be one of the last to get served.

I’ll be also really happy to hear about your : Shipping price, TVA & Customs taxes (I’m assuming that they gonna hurt :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi Julien

Today, i got the info from “Sozonoff Serge” [email omitted], he got his From1, but don’t know his Backer number.

Mine is #1772, therefore I would expect to wait a bit longer - even I already paid additional $500 over a half year ago for the shipping to Switzerland (not including the taxes ;-(

Now, I try to find out how much I finally have to pay for extra resin added to this expensive package (the online store is not really useful).

It may be a good Idea to share all the current Swiss-guys/girls emails… which will some when a proud owner of a From1 !



My case is a bit different. I have preordered in January and use, a freight forwarder in the US. Really wondering how this is going to turn out by comparison …

Tobias, Hansjoerg;
Thanks for your answers.

I also paid those $500 six month ago. I read some where on the comments that they had re-estimate their shipping rates and that some people had an in-store refund.

I’m #1830… So there’s 60 printers between us. Maybe a difference of a week or two (more a wish than an estimation ;).
But as they are sending them by country now, I’m not sure they keep the #XXXX as shipping order.


Did you received it ? Anyway the comparison will be really interesting. I’ll let you know.
I didn’t know about freight forwarder (how come ?!) As US shipping are often painful when not impossible, it’s indeed very interesting.


Is Serge in Switzerland ? Do you know which package he picks ?


No, I  don’t expect any delivery before all international backers have got their machines (maybe in November). I chose Bonvu because of good reviews and because at the time of my order Switzerland was not yet among the countries they would ship to.

Hi Julien, “sand tz” and Neni,

I create a quick table of the Swiss-backers I know, please send me your mail and I give you the link - to stay in contact.



Hello Swiss - backers,

Today my form1 arrived - it’s a 3D weekend … drop me your mail, to keep in contact.



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Hi guys, I live in Neuchâtel, I started using my Form1 2weeks ago. I’m a member of Fablab Neuch where I let my printer at for the moment, they are looking to maybe buy one. If anybody here wants to place a resin order we can try to place it together to reduce the shipping cost.

Dear Barthlemey
Sorry for my late reply, but my formlab is waiting for more experiments. I just have lot of other issues ongoing. Even we have not a lot of contact, I summarized all users in Switzerland I found into one page. Please drop me an email to and I will send you the link and add you in the page - if you like.
Sharing post-costs is a good idea!
Best regards from my holidays in south of France (unfortunately without my form1)

our company (near zurich) ordered one in january. it arrived yesterday and it’s working nicely :blush:

Hello I’m from chevroux in switzerland near payerne. Did anyone live near payerne ?



ciao a tutti dal Ticino.

since March 2016 I have a Formlab 2 printer. Unfortunately he is silent because no resin is supplied. Does anyone have a solution?