I'm selling my Form 1 "Form Abroad" Kickstarter pledge

Hello Form Fans,

due to unexpected financial reasons i have to sell my Form 1 “Form Abroad” Kickstarter pledge.

I will sell it for $2999 (exactly the same what i paid for the Kickstarter pledge) plus Paypal fee (when paid via Paypal). There is an additional $345.50 shipping fee for shipment to Switzerland associated with this order, but i’m hoping that Formlabs can at least refund me these shipping costs and charge the corresponding shipping fee from the actual byer (for the actual destination country then), so i’m not asking for this amount.

My order # was 1503, so it should be shipping somewhere in the middle of the “Form Abroad” List.

Potential byers should post their interest here, so i will get in contact with them for all the details on a first come first serve basis.

Best regards


Hi Neni,

I am very interested provided you can persuade Formlabs to divert shipment of the unit to me (I’m in PA) with a domestic shipping charge. I am currently waiting on a February web preorder.


Hi Mark,

i have already contacted Formlabs and persuaded them to put my shipment on hold until there is a buyer to whom they can transfer my pledge. So actually i don’t see a reason, why my particular unit should be impossible to ship to a domestic instead of an international destination. The question remains, if i can get a refund on my paid shipping fee from Formlabs, but that question remains anyway, regardless of the destination of an actual buyer. If i can’t get a refund, then that’s my problem and risk (with Formlabs) and won’t stop me from selling my pledge.

The problem i see, is if you can get a refund on your preorder from Formlabs and then buy my pledge. Maybe you should contact them first regarding this.

I have actually also made Formlabs aware of my post here, so they can follow the process and maybe comment directly, if something is possible or not.

Best regards


Neni, I will do as you suggested and contact Formlabs cs. Thanks Mark

Hi Neni and Mark,

I am very interested in getting a Form 1 earlier.  I am domestic too, and I am willing to pay the additional shipping if there is no international shipping refund.

Of course, if things works out smoothly,  I am willing to take the February web preorder from Mark as well to at least get into a earlier queue.

If anyone want to sell their Form 1, please feel free to contact me at:   jackienems@gmail.com



Hi Neni,

I would also be interested in taking the Form 1 off you hands. Feel free to contact me at Q34786@gmail.com. I also have my personal email address attached here you can use this as well.

Talk to you soon,


Hi all,

thanks a lot for all the interest. As i have written in my original post, i will discuss details with potential byers on a first come first serve basis. So i will wait another one or two days for Mark Hysell to reply here, if he’s still interested and if it worked out for him with his preorder from Formlabs. Otherwise i will just go one person further down the list here.

Maybe i have to put also some clarification here for people, who already preordered a unit from Formlabs:

You will have to actually buy my pledge from me, despite the fact, that you will get the actual unit from Formlabs directly then. So you will have to make sure, that you can cancel your preorder and get a refund from Formlabs (if preorders are prepaid), if you don’t want to have more than unit in the end. So it’s not just a transfer of customer information and shipping order etc., but more like i would be selling an actual unit that i have at home.

Best regards


To all,

I have not purchased a unit. So anyone one wanting to sell their unit I am I am open to ideas on how I can get my hands on a unit.



Hallo Synvox,

vielleicht möchtest Du mit mir tauschen? Ich hatte den Form 1 im Shop bestellt und würde gern Deinen Platz einnehmen. Lieferung wäre auch in die Schweiz! Vielleicht wäre das ein Deal? Formlabs könnte Dich auszahlen und die Bestellung einfach auf mich umschreiben?



Hi Neni,

I’m still with you on this deal. I have contacted Formlabs customer support to verify that they are able and willing to ship a kickstarter order to me should you instruct them to do so in the event of an external sale. I understand that I would be paying you directly. Please contact me privately as I wait for their reply.



This thread can be closed, as i’ve sold my Kickstarter pledge to Mark Hysell

Mark, Did you sell or transfer your order? I would be willing to take it if you haven’t already worked something out with Formlabs. Regards, Monito

Sorry Monlto, preorder was canceled.