Shipping costs for an international baker


I have allready opened a support ticket but got no answer. So I am asking all of you:

I paid as a kickstarter baker 489,91$ for shipping (months ago and didn’t receive anything)

If i purchase a printer now shipping costs are 339,74 $. Thats a difference of 149,17$.

And as you know the price for international bakers is anyway higher than the normal price.
Please explain me why I had to pay that much more?? Is anyone else in the same situation?

thank you


I paid for Germany 386,50 $ and now the shipping cost 279,41 $ why ?

And I need a Invoice of a Form1 Backers Price of 2699$ and not 3299$ because I think we get trouble with our Custom how should I explain them that I have a special Backers Price ? It is total confusing for them. And I don´t want to pay 19 % Costom TAX for 600$ difference.


forgot to mention: I`m from Austria

Hello everyone

I too have the same question:

I’m from Italy and I have ordered my Form 1 in february  and I also paid 'I 386,5 $ for shipping.

Why now the shipping cost is different: 279,41 $ ?

you can get a refund on the difference ?   How ?

Already the delivery is late (expected in May) and now we have to pay more

:(    :frowning:


Sorry, it´s a little off topic. Maybe the shipping cost become more interesting for me in the future.

I am very interested on a sample of a sample out of the form1.

@LeiLei, Arno Noack:

Wäre es möglich von einem von euch beiden ein Musterteil aus dem Form 1 zu erhalten. Selbstverständlich bezahlt.

Einfach eine Mail an mich um alles weitere zu klären: sebastian_deininger (at)

Sorry for interrupting

Ican not Help you I am still waiting for my Form 1

And here Nobody says something  the last shipping Infos is over 2 months old

I dont know want they DO

Würde ein Test-Objekt  drucken wenn ich den Drucker hätte leider warte ich noch drauf - hab aber keine Ahnung wie lang es noch dauert die Infos darüber sind sehr wenig die letzte Versand Info ist über 2 Monate alt

Hello Formlabs

The question is so difficult?

Where is the Probelm to answer this question?

Each crap will be answered by Formlabs employees but the Important questions remain unanswered.

This is very frustrating and annoying

Very interested in an answer to this question myself!

I asked the same question in a ticket 9 days ago, but still haven’t received an answer!

Thanks, guys – our shipping rates fluctuate with the volume that we’re shipping and the agreements we have with individual shipping providers. In general, the more we ship – the cheaper the rates become for everyone. Many times, you’ll notice small fluctuations on a weekly, if not daily basis, as our shipping calculator is tied directly to our international shippers systems.

I’m sorry that we haven’t gotten to your support tickets, yet. I promise that we’ll get there – we’re working hard to build out our custom support team (new hires!) – and we should be able to take a look faster, in the future. If you feel like there’s an issue with your shipping rate, please get in touch with us individually at

Thanks anyway Sam

But Formlab’s ability to not address the obvious is so frustrating!

International KS backers paid a $300 premium over domestic US orders this was supposedly justified to cover “additional” costs incurred by Formlabs to ship globally, as early adopters at that time we mostly accepted that for early shipments months ahead of the pre-orders some additional costs would be incurred.

However that has not happed, now as all International backers have been pushed right to the back of the KS delivery schedule the dispatch dates will merge with the initial Formlabs pre-orders and now some pre-order customers can pay up to $200 less for similar shipping destinations than International KS backers paid.

International KS Form1 machines have yet to be dispatched and we paid a premium over and above domestic US backers and later pre-order customers for a service and product that has not been delivered.

We’re offered $20 off resin for the life of your Form1 makes me wonder how long it’s going to last?

Why are International rewards higher priced?

First off, we love all of the support, from home and abroad! That makes us regret having to set a different price internationally. Over time, as our team and operations grow, we have every intent to improve our international capabilities. At the moment, the additional handling, regulatory requirements (e.g. CE), shipping costs in case of replacements, and support needs abroad demand more of our small team. We would rather charge more and follow through on our promises than charge less and disappoint you. That said, we are proud to offer a printer as powerful as the Form 1 at a price well below comparable machines in the USA and abroad.

We currently have no manufacturing or assembly operations outside of the USA, so we cannot reduce our costs by shipping from a different country. We really do care about being able to ship our product to anywhere in the world, so please bear with us as we get off the ground!

It’s not that it costs more in general that we object to. Or that shipping internationally is expensive, we know that.

It’s that the shipping we would pay if we made the identical order now would be far lower.

If it had shipped many months ago, I would be happy to have paid what it would have cost then.

But,  it’s months late, and the price it costs to ship it has gone down …a lot.

I paid amount A for something to be shipped in month Y.  People are paying amonunt B (which is far lower than A) to be shipped in month Z. If my thing does not actually ship till month Z, it is not unreasonable to expect for the difference between A and B to be returned. Otherwise, I am effectively paying (A-B) for a broken promise.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the explanation, but what we are trying to say as international Kickstarter supporters is that, Formlabs had collected X amount for shipping already, even before they can ship the product. We understand you already charged us the extra for being a foreign buyer, but shipping should be shipping, you cannot charge more for shipping when the prices go down. Similar to Formlabs would not absorb the shipping fee difference if it were to go up. So if Formlabs like future support of their products and would like to build a reliable name, it has to keep it’s word on shipping times and prices charged for shipping are adhered to. It would be one thing to ask everyone to pay the same price another thing altogether to charge new buyers a lower amount and totally forget about those who believed and pushed Formlabs to fame. Formlabs should decide that they can substitute that difference with consumable resin instead of refunding cash.

Formlab team

Your explanation for International Shipping is not accepting

I see it like the others

We have already paid more than U.S. customers, and now I will pay a shipping price which comes in February or March. Yes, now it is cheaper and you have not even sent our Form1. So again now $ 100 more ripped off.

Adjusts to and give us a credit on resin or other

For us International Backer , it is still Expensive

2999$ + 386,50$ + 643,25$ Tax 19% + 241,73 Coustom Tax 6% = 4270,50 $

you see how expensive it will be

There will be a point were your Produkt make no sence if the costs are to High

My wife and I paid for $398.77 each to Singapore

Now $306.11,

$92.66 x 2 = $185.32 different.


After waiting 14 days, I finally got an answer to my ticket this morning. While the response was nice enough, it basically said

“In terms of the shipping cost for the Form 1 itself, you would have to reorder the printer to get the lower shipping cost due to the difference in exchange rates between now and this past February. However, reordering would cause you to lose your place in line – as soon as we’re finished fulfilling Kickstarter pledges, we’ll begin shipping pre-orders in order of when they were received. The choice is up to you, of course; we want to get you printing on a Form 1 as soon as we possibly can.”

I have *NO* idea what exchange rates have to do with this, as I’ve paid in US$ and the current pricing is in US$ as well. So, once more, we’re being punished for ordering early.

I really can’t believe or understand this attitude.

I guess we should all cancel and reorder… so the queue rebuilds itself in a similar order. But hey, Formlabs would have even MORE issues trying to keep up with customer support. *sigh*

Well, today I got another response from Formlabs, indicating they had made a mistake and that the difference in shipping costs between the moment of ordering and today would be credited to my store account.

A few minutes ago, I did actually receive a coupon code which I already have used to order additional resin to be bundled with my printer (when it ships…).

Thanks Sam and Rachel.

I guess I’l have to put in a ticket too :confused:

Hello everyone,

I am a backer form Argentina. I am an early backer. I was in the first 100 machines group. I got my Form 1 about 2 or 3 months ago. It is a great product. I am a bit disapointed with their shipping policy though. When I triyed to purchase more resin, they stalled my order for 3 weeks. When I found out that I called them. It seems ther are NOT shipping spares and resin to Argentina (?) So I have the machine but the are not shipping the resin to me. I now have to get the resin shipped to my US address and ask a relative to put the resin in Fed Ex for me. As of today, Formlabs havent resonnded to this problem in a satifactory way yet. So I am making this issue public just to let all the othe international backers who are still waiting for their machine to be aware of this limitation. I don`t know if there is another obacker from Argentina or other Latin American countries. If youa re a backer and live outside US Canada Europe and Australia, you are in the same situatio I am in. Lets get together