Form1 backers from Australia

I’m located in Melbourne Australia and would be keen to get in touch with other Form1 backers or owners in Australia.

Hi Chris,

I’m an architecture student living near Brisbane. I’ve been obsessed with this technology recently after finding out about it a few years ago. Can’t wait to get my hands on a Form 1.

Hey Andrew

Good to hear another Aussie backed this great project. Hopefully were not the only Form1 owners in Australia. Anyone else around?

I am not a backer but I am keeping a close eye on the Form1 and the problems early adopters are facing. I’m weighing up buying one fairly soon before the AUD dives too much more… but there is still risk in getting one before a significant number of people have them and have run them for some time - especially given the long journey it has to take to get here and the very limited warranty period.

I’m an Engineer, so looking to use it for creating components rather than fancy looking models. I currently have an Ultimaker FDM printer, but there’s no comparison between the accuracy and repeatability of STL printers compared to it…

I am a backer from Perth and run a small window company. I am hoping to use the Form 1 to create components and solve problems within my business - even if I have to test the component and print it at Shapeways in a more durable material. I am also hoping Form come up with a good range of materials, but either way the accuracy is what I am after and it looks like it will not disappoint. Now only if I could get a shipping confirmation…

I am not a backer, but considering placing a pre-order. I’m also an engineer from Sydney looking for a machine that can prototype parts for R&D - basically turning CAD files into something tangible.

I am keen to hear whether there are any difficulties getting the resins and machine freighted to Australia.

I am an Engineer/Architect from Sydney and I pre-ordered my Form1 in January as soon as I was informed that they were taking orders from and shipping to Oz.

I await delivery of my order with bated breath.

25/KS  backer/one of the dodgy  Islands off Brisbane

I’m an artist/designer into finely detailed sculptural and architectual ornamentation, and a tinkerer (I design a lot of little machines/tools.) - backed this because I’ve got medical issues that the pills for make my hands shaky increasingly often (fine with a mouse or a tablet- especially with undo! - but not so much with a chisel.  )  Since I’d like to continue what I’m good at (hopefully as the basis of a proper business) and am quite passable at 3d modelling,  I figured a 3d printer should manage the fine detail, even if my hands are busy spazzing out ( even if I screw up, I’ll lose some resin and not a finger? *grins*)
I’ve wanted a 3d printer since I was like…7, and heard they existed, and buying a neat-o machine seems more fun than becoming an accountant or something. :smiley: I’m currently wondering why the shipping’s gone down… and if they’ll return the difference, since I’ve patiently waited many moons past the ship date without trying to get a refund. (Also whether I should maybe have gotten a CNC machine…)

I’ve just noticed that each machine is given a name rather than a serial number. So I just put forward the following suggestion:

" Can Australian names be assigned or requested for Aussie purchasers? For example, I would like to have my printer named: QuerulousQuaka."

If you support this proposal, please add your voice to that and this thread.


I’m also an engineer and have been waiting for something like this for quite some time now. My biggest grip is the total lack of communication between supporters and Formlabs in anyway.  I’ve pledged their Kickstarter project way back on 26th of October 2012, in about two months it will be one year from first pledge.  Has anyone ever been successful in getting a Form1 one to Australia yet?



If you manage to get one before me i’m demanding a refund.


When I spoke with Formlabs two weeks ago they indicated they were gearing up for shipping internationally and expected to have them on their way soon. Hold on Jason.

Gentlemen there is now a Form1 in Australia (went via US).

Still waiting for ours in Brisbane; but then we only ordered on Feb 13, so I guess we won’t see it this side of Xmas.

I’m pretty glad I didn’t pre-order the Form1. For what I would use it for (mechanical parts, engineering prototypes) it’s effectively useless. The design flaw with the galvos turning the laser spot into an ellipse across the X-Y axes is ridiculous, on top of the lack of accurate calibration/ability to apply your own (corrective) calibration to it.

If I were Form labs I would be working on a “Form2” and would just put the laser on an X-Y drive system so that way it’s a constant distance from the build platform and you don’t get insane, difficult to fix optical distortions.

For now though, the B9C seems like the better option for accurate components, it’s just a shame that the build area becomes so small at high resolution.

I’m in Sydney and ordered a few months ago.

Will use to Print prototypes and really just get a 3-D object of new part/s to hold/view. Lots of people find it difficult to visualise an object even viewing in 3D space such as solidworks.

I am hoping for delivery before year end but as its a kickstarter wont get worked up about an already overdue delivery (although it does dampen the whole kickstarter idea), just thought it would be a useful tool going forward.

Good to hear at least one has reach AU.

I have a form1 sitting in Brisbane customs.  It is adding up to be quite an expensive affair.

As a Kickstarter backer (international) it is $2,999USD + ~$500 in shipping and now an additional $450 processing… well call it $3,950.

Add $300 you are a non-kickstarter.

Ouch.  It’s going to take a bit of printing to make that back. Still it should be fun.

Mine has been sitting in Perth Customs since Saturday night and they have not even got around to it yet - still waiting for an invoice…