Form 2 shipping

@Jory given it’s Dec 1 here now, Formlabs is now officially missed the initial shipment estimation date for my order. It’s ok if you guys need more time but the lack of communication just made the whole experience worse. Can you or anyone else from the team give a statement regarding the delay of the shipment at this stage so we can adjust our plan accordingly?

I’m definitely in the same corner as Tian on this one. I’ve got orders that are going to start being backed up so communication on the delay and a new shipping date really needs to be happening.

You are probably out of luck. We just received a notice that the Form 2 is not shipping on our order until late January. Our order was processed in September. We are cancelling our order and will revisit this another time. The good news for you, is that there is one less order for FormLabs to ship.

If this is the case, my shipping ends of in March … meaning i will also cancel the order and revisit later.

I’m also about to cancel my order because of this lack of information and delay. I got an email from Formlabs today with an estimate of between 8 and 22 Feb. to deliver. That’s just too long to tie up 4k. I’ll come back to this if I don’t decide to invest in the next tier, and if I don’t hear horror stories. I don’t have anything to base confidence on. I think a little more honesty on the website would have prevented me from seeing things this way.

Anyone else get a generic email saying that shipping started last week? As far as the EU office is concerned no units have shipped and no dates have been given, so what gives?

I received it and I asked the person who took my order about a delivery date.
IF I get no proper answer or a late date, my order is gone. I cannot justify such an investment for months when anything can happen. In the end the form1+ is serving me well except for flexible resin. I am so happy i did not sell it to make space for the form2.

I got the generic email too. Very misleading from what you guys are saying.

Form 2: Now Shipping!
We have exciting news! Last week, we quietly began shipping Form 2 to the first customers around the world. We’re rapidly ramping our production and working through what has proven to be overwhelming demand.

When I ordered my Form1 back in the day it was 6 months before it was delivered. And almost no communication until the final months when they finally told me the month. And I was not an early order.

Actually to be worse, i see that i also received an email stating that i might know of my shipping status only end of next week. Here it goes december delivery

I placed an order on Oct 3, expected shipment in Dec, and have just received an email informing me of a 2+ month delay. And honestly, I seriously doubt they’ll hit that date. So if you ordered recently, expect to receive your Form2 some time in May.

So who is going to be loyal so much to wait months to keep the loyalty discount?
I am still waiting a confirmation of the bad news. but given that in 13 days we went from

"Any orders placed today have an “Estimated delivery 01/2016”.”

to most likely April or later, It is a considerable amount of money hold up for a machine that could be used for something else. What a pity. even worse since it was supposed my own Xmas treat.

I’m sad it’s later than expected, but I can wait for it. For my project I’d rather have a better quality result with the new printer.

Just means I need to work on something else until then.

Ordered at the end of October and it said it would ship near the end of February

Did any european get any delivery date ? Even after asking, I got no answer.

I have received a mail that says the printer Will be shipped in february… It is not So serious. I ordered the form2 because the delivery was for december. But i don’t know if i would keep my order or no.

I was told units are shipping from the factory to the distribution centre starting next week, but no definite dates.

Hi Francesco,

I have received a delivery date 21-28 december. To Sweden.

Martin, when ddi u order?

Hi again,

26 september.

Mmm … this confirms the two/three months delay. When i took my form1+ and they quoted delivery during Xmas break … in the end I got it middle of January.

Switzerland: shipping between the weeks of December 14 and December 21.