Question on Other F2 Resins

Have the formulas been changed on the clear or black standard resins… I am tired of dealing with this Grey Ver 4 issues… The foaming is ruining parts, lost details, I don’t know what you guys did to the Grey but it really sucks.
If people are having good luck printing with black or clear I will just switch over to one of those… The grey is total waste of money…

I have sent in tickets and did sample prints and send back the photos then all I get is we are closing your ticket so it doesn’t seem I can get any help for Formlabs any more now that my printer is 2 years old.

Any help from the users would greatly appreciated.

The Clear resin (any version) has been the most reliable in my experience and I rarely print with anything else. All of your fine details should print (follow our design guidelines) but because of Clear’s optical properties, you may not actually see them. A light coat of spray paint ( I like to use a flat gray primer) will help you see the details if that is important to your project.

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Thank you I will try that… I am scared I am starting to get Degraded Optics as other have posted… Have cleaned the Main Glass real well if I still have issues I guess it is time to clean the galvo mirrors as the main mirrors still look clean.

Color no longer maters as all I am doing is printing master patterns for Silicone molds then cast in polyurethane resin

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