Recommended resin for Form 1+?

I have a Form 2 working wonderfully with the Grey V4 resin, but I was recently given a Form 1+ that does not like it at all. As far as I’ve gathered from scouring the forums, this might be due to the lower laser power of the F1+ compared to F2/3 (prints fail through delamination on thin sections, likely due to underexposure)
I’d like to get the F1+ going again as a second printer, and so I’d like to check with the community:

Are there any of Formlabs modern resins verified to be reliable for use with the F1+?

Are there any third-party resins suitable for use with the F1+, either through Formlabs profiles, or OpenFL profiles?

Thankful for any insight in getting this old printer going!

Try Applylabwork. Works well in the form 1(and form 2 and 3)

Thank you so much! I ordered a bottle of ALW Clear Modelling from here (cheap overnight shipping from Poland to Sweden) and did a quick test print at 100um:

This looks far, far better than Gray V4. Thank you for the recommendation!

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If you are getting print failures on a used machine, I would go through and thoroughly clean the mirrors to ensure all the laser energy is reaching the tray. Had that happen on a form 2, looked clean, and failing prints. But cleaning mirrors and glass brought it right back.