Form 1 (non plus) issues


i´m fabian from germany. I bought a second hand Form 1 (non plus) and have some issues.

  1. How is it possible to use other Resin manufacturer ? Open mode ?
  2. Black Formlabs resin doesn´t stick on my plate. It´s version 02. What can i do ?

Any resin manufacturer recommended ?

Thanks in advance,


Most other resin manufacturers will tell you what FL resin type to use for their resin. There is no Open Mode on the Form1.

There are many reasons why your printer might not print black well. Does it print other resin types correctly?

I believe his problems stem from him actually having a Form 1. He can’t select Black V2. The FL provided profile doesn’t exist.

I believe the only currently available resin that is truly supported on the Form 1 is Clear V2. All others (that I checked) have a version that is not selectable for a Form 1. Being that Formlabs doesn’t sell the older versions of the resins, again, I believe, he is an a tough place. 3rd party resins may be his only true option.

I have no idea if OpenFL is supported for the Form 1. I haven’t looked.

@Fa89bihb, Was the machine sold to you as a functioning unit? Did the previous owner have any older resin you could test with?

Ahhh. I have a F1+. I did not realize the F1 works with a more limited palette.

There are almost certainly 3rd party resins that will work.


yes i bought the Printer as functioning unit.

I found this

Here you can buy Form 1 resin.
Form 1 resins are available for purchase while supplies last and will last up to one year

I just learned something else…

The Form 1 compatible resins are still available. @Dudemeister, Check out the Form 1 resin section on the website. It looks like V2 gray is still available.

yes crazy… I´ve bought formlabs black V1 today.

I will test the resin to check whether the form 1 is ok.

Hello friends,


no Form 1 Resin available, it is a mistake from Formlabs in the shop. I bought V01 for my Form 1 and i got V02.

Shit :frowning:

Now, i bought photocentric 3d resin but nothing stick on my building platform.
I got a setting from photocentric. Preform -> Grey V02 for the resin.

what can i do ? Set the building platform closer to the tank ?

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