Original form1

Our printers have been busy recently, and we had the opertunity to purchase a used original form1.

we have now recieved the unit but my question is about resin version numbers.

We dont have the option to change the version number on most the resins on form1.

for example

New Tough resin is on V3 but we can only choose V1, does this make a hugh difference or can we still use new resins or os this printer now not supported?

The only resins it looks like we can choose the current verion on is Clear?


You are correct. The newer resin versions are not supported by the original Form 1.

Oh dear, this could be a expensive paper weight :frowning:

Yeah, sorry. I would reach out to FL tech support. They may be able to set you up with the older versions of the resin or what to do so you can use the newer versions.

Beyond that, 3rd party resins. I would reach out to @Linda3DArt. I just looked at the instructions and it looks like the resin profiles they use are V1, (White, Black, Tough, Flex).

I am waiting for my first bottle. Very excited (but I have a 1+ so I won’t know how well they will work with a 1)

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