Older version resin cartridges don't work on form 3

There is no option to choose older version resin In the preform software. I understand formlabs is working hard to make sure that all the profiles are working perfectly for the latest resins before they can make the older version resins work on the form 3. And I do understand that they would disable the options because the options probably don’t work for now. But given that some resins’ iteration changes are just change of supply chain and should just work perfectly as the latest one(ex. grey v3 and grey v4). They should at least give an option for allowing the profile mismatching with the cartridge. Right now I am struggling to get my grey V3 to work on the form 3 because the preform profile can only be set for grey V4 which wouldn’t be allowed to print on form 3 with grey v3 cartridge installed. On the top of that, no open mode, meaning that there is absolutely no way for me to start a print unless I get a grey v4.

Formlabs has stated that they will not add support on the Form 3 for older resin versions. I’m afraid you’re out of luck and need to buy a V4(or buy an empty container from someone).

Gotcha, thank you so much for the reply.