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Peopoly nex grey on Form 3 printer?

Hi, I would like to know if the Peopoly nex grey resin is suitable and friendly with Form 3. I know that’s true about Form 2 printer but what’s up about Form 3 please ?

Thanks guys

Bump. I want to know too.

As far as I know (I use a Form 3 and Form 3L at work), FormLabs have made it impossible to use 3rd party resins.
The resin cartridges have an ID chip which reports the type of resin to the printer, and PreForm will only let you choose that type of resin (but will not automatically choose it for you) when slicing.
There is also no way to program custom exposure settings into Preform.

If you want to use a Form 3 printer, you have to use FormLabs resin.

It’s very unfriendly to consumers, but I guess buying their (IMO overpriced) resin gives FormLabs a recurring revenue stream.