Form 3 Resin Availability Update


Hello Everyone!

We want to share more detail on how and when you can expect the various print settings to roll into PreForm. While the Form 3 uses the same cartridges as Form 2, each material, and each layer height require development and validation of unique Form 3 print settings.

Our goal is to make as much of the materials library available as quickly as possible. As such - we will initially roll out only one print setting for each material, selected as the most frequently used setting (e.g: 100 micron settings for Grey, Clear, White and Grey). You can expect other layer thickness options to be made available soon after.

Please refer to this support article for the latest timeline and information.

A few things to note.

We will be developing settings for the most current formulations of each of our materials. Legacy formulations will not have settings developed for Form 3 printers even if they are still available in the store. (e.g: High Temp v2 will be available to print on the Form 3, but not High Temp v1).

We want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding while we work hard to bring you these resin settings as efficiently as possible. The Form 3 is a printer we’re really excited about and it’s important to us that these materials work as well as we know they can.



When the Form 3 is shipped will it have available “Open Mode” to allow use of any of the profiles of resin as they become available for use, or will its use be restricted strictly to Formlabs resins? In other words NO OPEN MODE


I can’t say I’m thrilled about this, I don’t remember seeing anywhere when I ordered my form 3 that I would only be able to use one setting for the basic resins at launch. I really hope you stick to those dates, because I am going to be really frustrated only being able to print at 100 micron.