Preform 2.6.0, layer height optimization

Looking over the release notes, it looks like the Form 2 is able to print support structures in 100 micron resolution.
Why is this only available on the Form 2? The community has been asking for this since the Form 1.
Is Formlabs done making the Form 1+ experience better?
Has Formlabs hit the limits of the Form 1+ hardware?
I more then understand that the Formlabs needs to focus on the Form 2 and beyond but since you are still (last time I checked) selling the Form 1+ as a new printer, Formlabs needs to continue to improve on the Form 1+ experience along with the Form 2.
I gather we will get a better understanding of the Form 1+ life cycle when FL releases another resin. If it can not be used on the Form 1+, I will have my answer.

The Form 1(+) does have the Open FL version but I am very surprised no one has uploaded profiles that are tailored to 3rd party resins. I would have thought that the handful of 3rd party resin vendors would have jumped at this opportunity to make their resin better knowing that the printer / resin profile could be optimized.

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I’m excited about this one. form1 will hopefully get it too.

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Yes indeed! I got really excited about it but then realized that nowhere Form1+ is mentioned? That is a genius way to improve printing speeds by the way.

The supports are different for a Form1 vs. Form2 due to the differences in the peeling process. The Form1 “pulls” the print off the bottom of the resin tray, the Form2 “shears” the print off the bottom of the resin tray. The forces on the print are very different and this may limit what the Form1 can do vs. the Form2. The Form2 is after all an “improved” design, not just a larger version of the Form1. It’s reasonable to expect it will be capable of things the Form1 is not.

Hm, why should the peel process have to do with it? It should be a pure software or electronics problem in my eyes. The z axis just has to create 100 micron gaps if there are supports only and maybe the exposure needs changing?

Anyway. I hope the form1’s get the update! :heart_eyes:

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I am very well aware of how the Form 1 (+) and Form 2’s function.
I see no reason why this feature can not be implemented for us.
I would like to see what FL has to say about this.

Even an modified version of this could have been implemented where the raft and base supports are generated at 100 micron and then as the pealing process changes over so does the layer height. Some kind of update / feature enhancement. All we got were crickets…

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Very cool feature - thanks Formlabs!

Q: I don’t see an option for it anywhere, does that mean on the Form 2 all supports will automatically use the 100 micron layer height?

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