Form 3 open mode?


Getting that sinking feeling that the company is deciding to close their print system on the new Form 3’s. There is no mention of the system being open to 3rd party materials like the Form 2. If that’s the case the new Form 3’s will cost a fortune per part. Any news on this?


Since it uses the same resin cartridges as the form 2, you can just load an empty cartridge with 3rd party resin. I use 3rd party resins most of the time, but I have never bothered with open mode, I just save my empty cartridges.


The empty cartridge does not hang after 1L used? even if we filled it again ?


Is the Open Mode by settings not available any more on Form3?

Only by using a empty cartridge to fill in some 3rd party resin?

I can not find the Open Mode activation settings like the form2 had.
Maybe I am blind…


The company is struggling a bit that’s clear. The introduction of the Form 3 was a revenue enhancement play that is probably not paying off too well. They simply must have recurring revenue streams to keep going that means forcing users into their high margin resins. So open mode is toast even though they eluded to it being an open system. Its a tough industry for Formlabs, loads of competition. I’ve sold of all of my Form 2’s kind of done with them. The Fuse 1 debacle the larger format 3L not available, their all red flags.

The biggest problem is the mindset: " Im producing product for a lower margin industry because I’m impassioned about it" vs. “we’ll grow our company on the backs of users so we can go public and cash in.”

Its a sad state of affair. Formlabs will crater and be acquired by a competitor.


Well, for sure it is clear that they want to make money with the resin.

But the market I need it mainly for is just calculated with a lower pricing for the resin (used Photon S in the past).

For my precise master models I need high quality resin and I am willing to pay the 150to 200 bugs but not for series of not necessariely accurate parts.

So is there a chance to use a standard Grey cartride, close its output and fill in the tank the own choice of material?

If I am following the ideas in this thread it is about simulating with the type of cartidge the kind of resin profile and then it is up to hide the resin usage.

Does somebody practice that?


Something like you want already exists and works for both the form 2 & 3: Universal Cartridge

It is a bit more complex than “close the output”.

Just fill it with the resin of choice, select the formlabs resin type and start your print.
There are currently no easier ways(you could fill an empty cartridge but it gets locked pretty quickly).

Formlabs did talk about open mode for the form 3 briefly a few moths ago so let’s hope they will introduce it when all bugs and other improvements are sorted out. Looking at their normal pace, I don’t expect anything functional the coming 6 months.


Thank you very, very much!
Really cool!

You safed me!