Form 3 and Open Mode

Does the Form 3 support Open Mode yet? If it did I just might buy one but not unless Open Mode.

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No open mode for the form 3(yet).

I wish I knew this before I bought it.


I can’t afford FL resin for my products as it would price me out of the market.
I started to buy it when it first came out but the lack of Open Mode stopped me and I’ve been running my Form 2’s right along. They are starting to get old but if need be I may go to a 3rd party printer. I hate doing that as I’ve gotten use to Preform having started with a Form 1+ unit when they came out.
Form Labs is shoot themselves in the foot with some of their approaches to the market. Throwing the doors open to competitors it seems.

Have you tried the new LCD machine on amazon?

They are quite good at printing small stuff.

The resin is super cheap also. Like $30 per 1kg.


Problem is the volume I need to print at one time. I need the print plate size at least of the Form 2.
I’ve been running my web based site since 2004 and ship all over the World.
I have a new Photon S still in the packing box. I’ve never run it. Big thing is the setup software. Most I’ve seen use a poorer support system than Preform.
Which printer do you recommend?

I recall them telling us it would have Open Mode when it was announced and when I talked to the salesperson.

I hope they enable it at some point. Until then, there’s always the ProtoART Universal Cartridge (not officially recommended, of course).

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buy refurbished Form2.

cheap now.

Then wait for the LCD big size machine get mature. The Anycubic Mono X.

WELL, I’ve been running Rusty Stumps Scale Modes since 2004, and at 78 getting a bit tired of it all. (laugh)
Actually I shut down a year ago and we took an Amtrak trip across country, down the west coast and back again. But I need something to keep me busy so I reopened in October 2020.
I enjoy it and the extra $$$ gives us a chance to get out and eat more often and also some extra purchase. It’s fun.
Thanks, I’ll keep that in note. I see these machines are expanding fast. I’ve been in IT for 0ver 30 years. retired with a business partnership with Seagate Software. The good ole days. :rofl:

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I will add, the loss of Preform has been a stopper for me. I like most all the features of this software. There are some “gotchas” in there but the ability to do custom supports is a game changer when it comes to other slicers.