Selecting Grey vs Grey Pro

I am getting up to speed with my new printer and tonight I may have messed up. In Preform I selected Grey instead of Grey Pro for my print in a new tray. There was no option for me to choose any other grey than the regular grey V4 when Grey pro is actually V1. I selected Grey and am hoping my print turns out okay and that my print tray is not permanently denoted as a grey and not grey pro tray. Please let me know where I went wrong (if at all) and how to fix it. I will let you know how the print goes in the morning.



Form 3 doesn’t support Gray Pro yet.
I suggest you remove the resin ASAP. Gray Pro causes the tray to leak.
A leak can cause serious damage.

See also this website:

Others here are right on! We’re looking to have Grey Pro on the 3 very soon!

Thank you for the information!
I took the grey pro out of my machine and have done my best to clean the tray with alcohol. Is the tray compromised? It had a ten hour soak with the grey pro resin.

I wish someone from the formlabs team would have told me the resin wasn’t compatible. This was ordered as part of my initial Form 3 purchase. :disappointed_relieved: