Nex Resin - Grey from Peopoly - any users on a Form 2?

Looking at possibly trying this resin, New Resin - Grey from Peopoly and I’m wondering if anyone has used this in a From 2 printer? If so, what settings do you use for Resin type?

They say that their laser source is 405nm - so that is the same as Formlabs, what is interesting is that according to their SDS for the resins they use Benzophenone (CAS 119-61-9) as the photoinitiator, which is a type 2 photoinitiator that does not work very well at 405nm. It might leave you wondering if that really is whats in it


Of further interest is the fact that the photo initiator is suspected of being carcinogenic.

The SDS for their is very vague and it does not seem to fully reflect the risk factors, so the price might be tempting, but the unknown risk does not seem worth it

Benzophenone is used as a photoinitiator, a fragrance enhancer, an ultraviolet curing agent, and occasionally as a flavor ingredient;

I’m not a chemist but seeing the above and reading the article, you need quite a bit of expose daily for 2 years to possibly have an effect. And you have to swallow it.

That being said, I got several reports from users that(except for the high temp resin) the resins give excellent printing results.

This is what causes my concern - lots of information is out there in regards to it.


From C&L Inventory

I have no reason to doubt what people say about great results - its just its rather surprising in view of what they say are the chemicals in it. Would you put diesel fuel into a petrol car and expect it to run well?

Another thought is that we as people have become more educated with regards to risk from various things, people used to apply arsenic to skin… people had teeth fillings based on mercury, as we learn more attitudes and caution change

Another point is that Benzophenone is a banned chemical for UV cured printing inks on food packaging, that must be a really low percentage that would ever get into contact with your food and even less into your body through an oral route, yet its been banned


What about their regular Grey Resin, Is that any better?

Its rather strange, they publish just one SDS for all the resins with a photo initiator that is not going to work too well at 405nm. What is actually in the resins and how safe it is is therefore a guess at best.