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PSA: NextDent Resins to NOT use with Form2

Hello all,

I do the majority of my printing in Open mode with 3rd party resins, and most of the time it is with NextDent Dental Resins. Many can work with just picking the right Resin Profile, but there are 2 specifically that can really fuck up your resin tray, and even worse your entire printer if you are not careful. The two are:

  1. NextDent Tray
  2. NextDent Gingival Mask

Both of these two resins are “very reactive” (from the engineering team at NextDent) and grossly overcure and bond to the PDMS layer, even at the lowest laser resin profile (Clear V2 and V3). When a layer bonds the the PDMS, and the printer attempts to peel, it just rips a chunk of PDMS off, therefore ruining your tray. If you let that happen a few times in a row, you could easily get resin dripping onto the optical window and possibly into the printer electronics. NextDent does not offer a solution to this, as they do not formally support their resins on the Form2 to begin with.

As far as I know, these are the only two NextDent resins that act this way - I just wanted to help prevent someone from accidentally damaging their printer!


Could you elaborate on which Nextent resins you use, how and where you buy them and the setting you use?
I would be really interested in how to Buy and print with Nexdent C&B .
I read posts with references to Nexdent resins an people printing with them but never actually useful specific details on how to do it
Thank you!

Sent PM.

But for others, you can get NextDent Resins at Avadent or on the Moonray website.


what do you mean by laser profile?
what profile do you recomend for C&B material?

Do you ever use the Next Dent Temporary C&B materials? If so what settings do you use in the Form 2 and does it matter if you use the LT tray or not?


Can you tell me which Nextdent resin you are using in the Form2 and what settings you have found to work best. I am considering ordering some to try for ortho and casting. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Has anyone succeed printing Nexdent C&B in the Form 2. Which printing profile would you recommend?

Thank you

Use Dental SG profile. Anytime you need a print with C&B MFH Shade BL just let me know