Nextdent C&B - Your settings in Open Mode

Hey there

could you please provide me some informations about your settings for printing C&B from Nextdent. The settings which are available in the google list in the forum which is Dental SG Mode, didn’t work out for me. Terrible results with that settings.

Anybody using this resin?



I’m using the Dental SG profile. It works quite well, but not perfect. I can print good crowns and 3 element bridges with good fit. However, I can’t get a good fit with Ti bases on implants (too much shrinkage, doesn’t allow enough space for the Ti base).
Seems that C&B is no longer produced by Nextdent, and is being replaced by C&B MFH.
Formlabs really need to find and sell a resin for dental provisionals. The train doesn’t wait for you…