Use NextDent C&B resin to print?

Is it possible to use NextDent C&B resin in Form 1+ printer to print dental crowns?
As we know for surgical guides formlabs have Dental SG resin which is part of the NextDent SG resins /

So if we put the NextDent C&B resin into tunk will it polimerise under the forlabs laser light???

NextDent? Bwaaa! Sounds like what my car is waiting for! Hope C&B doesn’t stand for Crash & Burn.

Brand names across cultures can really be amusing, no?
Probably not a good Insurance company name though…

FL’s resin is undoubtedly tuned for the Form printers. A non-FL-optimized resin will probably work but not quite as well. You can always just buy a small bottle and try it. But… Why don’t you want to use the resin FL specifically developed for your printer?

I would like to use FL resin but you dont have bio compatible resin with white color to print temporary crowns and bridges like nextdent - NextDent C&B MFH -

If you can optimize more nextdent resin like NextDent C&B it will be great.

We do preparation on patient’s teeth for bridge. Then we scan the mouth with digital intraoral scanner. Now we have stl model of the prepared teeth. We generate bridge in dental cad/cam software like exocad or 3shape.
And finally we print the bridge from biocompatible resin NextDent C&B in Form 2.
So we cemented it into patient’s mouth.
Done. For less than 20min.

How does it sounds?

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